Work Outfits to Slay in The Office

They say how you carry yourself is how others will perceive you. I believe that has to do with behavior and appearance. When it comes to dressing up for the office, I like to look professional and stylish. I see my work outfits as another fun way to express my creativity. At work, I often get compliments for my outfits. My colleagues can make me feel like a celebrity when they ask “let me see your outfit,” or “where did you get that from?”

For work wear for women, there are three types of outfits that I adore. There are the blazer and pants. There are the blouse and skirt and there is the dress.

Be a Trail Blazer

I admit that I have a blazer in all bright colors. There’s something I enjoy about blazers. They make you look professional. There’s a sense of seriousness that you perceive of someone in a blazer. I think every professional woman should have a blazer. I tend to wear them at the start of the work week.

For blazers, it’s common to have the classic black blazer. However, I think it’s better to have blazers in bright colors. It makes your outfit stand out just a bit more. You should be careful how you pair it up. If you have something bright, I think the other colors should be toned down. So, because I have a bright blue blazer, I wore a blouse that’s not bright but still complements the blazer. I paired it with black pants. I wore brown heels because light brown or tan heels go well with bold colors. They make the outfit stand out more.

Dress it Up

I love dresses. However, the conflict in wearing dresses to work is considering the length. I get cautious and wonder whether the dress is too short. I think dresses that are a little above the knee length aren’t too bad. It’s best to pair it with nice flats like I did with the red dress. For dresses that are at knee length or below, it’s easier to pair with heels.

Pencil Skirts

Pencil skirts are another classic workpiece that is professional and stylish. Having a black pencil skirt is great because it can go with different blouses. In the photo below, I paired the skirt with a silver top.

What’s your favorite workpiece?

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