Women Rising Nigeria

Women Rising Nigeria is a forum I, Isioma Ononye created where women and men come together to discuss issues on eliminating gender violence, sexism and advocating for the development of the girl-child and woman in her education, career, health, and family.

Women Rising Motto: Uplifting the woman and girl in society

Goals of WOMAN Rising Nigeria

Women Rising Nigeria is to have monthly meet-ups to address issues that factor into gender violence in the community. We will have informative sessions which will be facilitated by the admin members and the invited speakers.

Women Rising Nigeria is to partner with and support NGOs and organizations that address issues that pertain to gender violence and supporting the girl-child.

Women Rising Nigeria will partner with organizations and individuals to have events that promote the well-being of the woman and girl, both the physical and mental state.

Women Rising Nigeria is to create a safe space for others to have open discussions and dialogues about challenges they have faced as it pertains to gender.

Women Rising Nigeria is to create avenues for women and men to connect, network, socialize and work together to eradicate gender violence in Nigeria.

Events, Discussions and Conferences for Women Rising Nigeria

To find out about the events and discussions we’ve had, take a look at this section on the site for WomenRising Nigeria

You can follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and send us an email at womenriseng@gmail.com if you’re interested in being part of our WhatsApp general or admin group.