Why You Should Shop for Ankara Material

Living in Abuja can be quite expensive. You can spend amounts such as 5,000, 10,000 or more naira quickly. That’s why we have to be cautious with our spending. Looking good doesn’t mean it’s worth being broke. That’s one of the reasons why I shop for Ankara wear. It is affordable, has a unique style and truly lasts a long time. You should consider shopping for Ankara wear more and my reasons why are below.

It’s Affordable

Ankara material is very affordable when compared to ready-made wear. You can get a good Ankara material for less than 5,000 naira. Then the sewing, depending on the style should not exceed more than 10,000.

Whereas, if you go to all the expensive shopping malls and outlets, you’d have to spend often more than 10,000 for a good outfit. This is the reality in most shopping outlets in Abuja. The ready-made wear is overpriced. I once saw a polka-dot jumpsuit that was over 10,000 naira. I’ll admit that I made the mistake of buying it. It didn’t even last because after washing, the jumpsuit shrunk. I only wore it out once and that was the end. Whereas, you can buy your Ankara material that looks good and is affordable and will last longer with proper care such as dry cleaning. That’s a win, win for me.

You Get to Choose Your Style

A second reason why I rather buy Ankara material is that when you want to sew it, you get to be creative. You get to decide how you want your tailor to sew. If you glance through my Instagram or Lookbook, you’ll notice that for my African wear, I always choose something different.

My favorite thing with styling the Ankara wear is using layers. I really like it if there are layers in either the skirt or the top. For the outfit that I’m wearing above, I wanted layers in the shoulder area because I think it makes it stand out. It gives it sort of this sophisticated look that I like to go for.

You Can Make Different Outfits Out of it

When you buy your Ankara material, depending on the length, you can end up sewing different outfits. For example, a material that I bought was very long. I sewed a dress, have a head tie and there’s still material left over. The material that I have left, I can now use it and sew an Ankara top. Most of the Ankara tops I wear were made through using the same material that produced a skirt and blouse or dress.

Often times we can even add certain materials from the Ankara to an old ready-made wear and bring it back to life. The Ankara offers you a variety of options of what to sew.

It Promotes Our Culture

African/Nigerian wear is a reflection of who we are as Nigerians through our dressing which is essential to our culture. Therefore, through buying and wearing more Nigerian wear, we are showing and sharing our appreciation for one of the things that make us unique as Nigerians.

Being in Nigeria, I know that it is not easy to be patriotic because our country faces numerous challenges. However, I believe that if we can show what we value about our nation, we can have a better appreciation about our country. This matters because when we start valuing who we are as Africans, we can take steps to seeing how we each can contribute to bringing about some progress.

Those are a few reasons why I believe that shopping for Ankara wear is the best choice. What are some reasons why you do or don’t shop for native wear?

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