Why I Love Romantic Comedies

I’ve watched “The Wedding Party 2” and I enjoyed it. If you don’t know about the movie, it’s the sequel to the highly popular “The Wedding Party” that told the story of the love of Dunni who comes from a Yoruba family, getting married to Dozie from an Igbo family. Dunni’s character is innocent and sweet, with no skeletons in her closet. Whereas, Dozie was said to have a past reputation for being a player.

The Wedding Party 2 tells the story of Nonso, the elder brother of Dozie. It’s about his engagement to Deirdre, a friend of Dunni. I enjoyed the second movie because of the addition of the Aunt from Dozie’s family. The sister of the Chief Felix didn’t approve of the wedding of their first son Nonso to Deirdre. The aunt’s role and tactics always kept me laughing. Also, the visuals from the setting in Dubai was beautiful.

This post is not a spoiler for those who haven’t seen it but about how I’m a fan of romantic comedies. I know there are definitely critiques by both men and some women who don’t like the genre. I’ve heard people say these movies are unrealistic. They say they make you have such high expectations. I laughed when a guy told me that he just couldn’t get through it. He’d rather watch a horror or action film. I want to share just 2 reasons why I am indeed a romantic and why romantic comedies will always be my favorite genre.

It Makes Me Feel Good

I always choose a romantic film because it makes me feel good. It puts me in the best mood. I do admit that yes, they tend to be predictable. But the fact is that it makes me laugh, it makes me smile. Honestly, at times, it makes me cry because of how sweet the storyline is.

Romantic comedies to me are an escape from the norms of reality. I disagree with people who say they make you have unrealistic expectations. I don’t expect life to be like what I see in the movies at all. The reason I appreciate movies is because of that.  It sparks my imagination to create a different scene and time where such silly, funny and adorable scenes occur.

It’s Fun

Romantic comedies are the best genre to me simply because they are fun. I wouldn’t want to pay money to see something that would terrify me or put me in a melancholy state. I rather pay for something that will lighten my mood and make me laugh.

We live in a word filled with tragedies, uncertainties and fear. Romantic comedies are a distraction from what we see in the news. Romantic comedies are a distraction from life’s hassles and stresses. Romantic comedies are bliss.

What’s your favorite movie genre and why?

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