What the Holidays Teach Us About Life

What always strikes me about the holiday season are the reunions. There are the changes that we see in others. These changes we notice in our family members and friends can teach us a few things.

Change is inevitable


We all change in one way or the other. My little sister is in college, her sophomore year. She tells me about the experiences she has, the people she’s met and I’m in awe that my little sister who use to follow me around is in college.

I’m also changing. When I look at pictures of how I was freshman year, I cringe. I’m not that girl that I once was who was shy. I’ve performed in a play. I’ve been a moderator and speaker at club events. I’ve partied. I’ve gone on dates. etc.

Change can often put me at ease because I know that’s the beauty of life. We can’t cling to what we once knew or who we once were.

There’s got to Be Something More than School or Work









We should all strive to have a life that is full. We should make sure we’re spending time with those we are close to. That we are creating memories that we can look back and smile about.

Time is Fleeting

We start the new year. We end the year. You live with your parents. You move out. You watch them getting older.

You don’t know what tomorrow will bring for certain. We have to make the most of the friendships. Enjoy time spent with our family members and friends.

What does this holiday season, being with others teach you about life?

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