What I Know & Hope For As I Enter Mid-Twenties

Today, I enter my mid-twenties. Getting older is something that I look forward to because of change. Each year, I learn more about myself. I shed old layers of myself and I come to a better place of being comfortable with who I am. That is the best part for me about getting older. I believe it helps you to be able to find your happiness.

Entering my mid-twenties, there are somethings I can say I know for sure…

I know that life is unpredictable. I can have goals and expectations that might not come to fruition or might surprise me. I know for sure that life is unpredictable.

I know that I create my happiness. Yes, friendships and a relationship are good things and it matters in life. However, at the end of the day, I know that I can’t depend on another person to fill me. Being happy and whole should come from you.

I know that I need to always make an effort in order for things to manifest. I can’t sit and wait for things I want to happen. I’ve always got to put myself out there to get what I want.

I know that being open to others matters because it brings you close to relating in a harmonious manner.

I know there is a God. My experiences and my faith will always lead me to believe there is a God.

I know that writing, literature and art, they’re my greatest love. It gives me comfort, healing, meaning, and freedom. The one constant thing in my life is my love of words and art.

I know that I need to always make an effort in order for things to manifest.

Entering my mid-twenties and beyond, there are somethings I hope for…

Sense of Clarity and Direction in Career

Though I place goals for myself and go after it, I’m not completely sure where things are heading in my career. Right now, through NYSC, I appreciate that I can have an experience in the media platform with NTA. I would hope that I could be able to continue to utilize these skills in another media environment after NYSC but I don’t know if I will have such an opportunity.

Also, I care deeply about NGOs . I have reached out to some to volunteer my services so that’s pending. I’ve always imagined myself having a career in an NGO and maybe possibly starting one someday. But I don’t know whether working in an NGO is something I would only do on the side. So is it media or NGO?, or can I have both?

Lastly, my writing career. I really do like blogging. Sometimes, I tell myself it would be great if I could do this full-time and expand my social presence to having a YouTube channel as a digital talk show. Other times, I doubt whether I can get to that stage where blogging can be a career and give me a sustainable source of income.

I hope that I would eventually get some great clarity about where I’m heading to and what to focus more on or less of.

That Certain Kind of Love

There are some people that have given me compliments and expressed their interest. I’ve gone out with a few but haven’t met the ones that have the qualities that I truly like. What I’m truly attracted to in a person is their drive, ambition, passion, and a sense of Godliness.

I’ll admit to you that I think I have found those qualities in someone that I admire. He has those qualities but, I have no idea what’s his situation.


I want to explore and find more places that I enjoy around Abuja. I want to be able to try things I haven’t done before. I’m open to relocating after my NYSC experience ends. The media and communications industry is bustling in Lagos. I can imagine that if I were to get a good opportunity there, I would move which would give me independence and thus more freedom to explore.

So that’s it, what I know for sure and what I hope for in this land of being in our twenties. Are you in your early, mid or late twenties? What are your thoughts or advice at this stage in our lives?

Isioma Ononye

I'm a blogger, freelance writer and news enthusiast. I'm passionate about personal development and I'm a book lover. AIso, I care deeply about feminism. My bliss is found in words that move me, nature and chasing my dreams.

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