Uncovering the Life You Want From Shattered Pieces

I have flaws. Moving in hurried steps, blinded by ambitions as I push you aside. I keep quiet and smile when I should speak up. I sit in spaces I don’t feel I belong. What helps me to realize this flaw is unfortunate because I begin to break. My body grows weak. My mind is numb…But then, a light comes on. It’s the divine that is there with me in my pain. Gathering my broken pieces. Carrying the rest of me up from the dusty floor. Whispering sweet thoughts into my ear. Altering my vision to see what I could not see. My mind begins to question and question. Repetitions of what must be done hovers around my head. I recollect the moments where I feel happiness and belonging. I understand the need to go back to go further. I understand the need to speak up. I understand what needs to stop. I understand how to let go. I understand who and what matters most.

I’m no expert on life and personal development. I’m just the lady that seeks to have a meaningful and happy life. I’m the lady that seeks to feel and maintain what I know is authentic. What I know makes me feel alive. Here are a few things I’m learning about getting clear to understand the life you want.

Uncover What is Breaking in You & Do Something About It

What breaks me down is stress. I know how to identify the stress based on how my body responds. My body becomes sore. I feel weak. I get pounding headaches. I become bitter. What is it that breaks you? How does your body and mind react? This is necessary because that is how you know something has to change.

For me, the change starts with honesty to myself. I ask myself if the way I’m functioning is helping or hurting me? Then, I evaluate what ways change must occur by considering the points below.

Change starts with honesty to yourself. Is the way you function helping or hurting you? Then, evaluate what needs to be done.

Consider What The Best Environment or Atmosphere Is for You?

There’s a bad habit I need to stop. I can keep myself busy and justify it to simply keep myself busy. But when I find myself in a place that I’m happy, I realize this is what matters in life. This is what I need to invest more time in. These are the people I need to make more time to be around with. This is the place that lights me up. This is where I feel valued. This is the place where I feel belonging. Asking ourselves whether our environment is the best place for us will help you pinpoint where you need to go.

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To get specific, that environment for me is in the company of friends that get me. It’s blogging and creative writing because I LOVE this. It’s working towards causes such as women empowerment. It is a workplace where I’m learning, growing and I’m valued. What is your environment? Where is your place? Are you being filled? Are you feeling belonging? If yes, then that’s wonderful. But if it’s a no, please evaluate your life. You deserve better. You deserve genuine joy.

Where is your place? Are you being filled? Are you feeling belonging? If yes, then that’s wonderful. But if it’s a no, you deserve better.

Accept That You Can’t Do Everything and Give Yourself A Break

No one person can do everything in this world. Don’t pretend to be a superwoman or superman. No dear, you are human. Don’t overwhelm yourself. I use to think that yes, I’ll just do everything by myself. But then, I break down. I’m learning that I need to speak up and delegate. I have to tell and let others offer me some assistance.

I’m also learning that I always need to prioritize what matters most and who matters most. I’ve told you that in the past and even now, I make mistakes with getting my priorities right. I dated someone who made me feel inferior. I hung out people I couldn’t really converse with and for what? Prioritize what matters most to you. Make time for the things and people that matter. Make time for the work that fills you. Make time to be in that environment that you can learn from. The environment that is satisfying to you.

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When you prioritize what matters most to you, you realize you can enjoy your life more. You’re considering your health. You’re considering your self-care. You’re considering your friendships. You’re also considering your career goals and what path makes sense.

When you prioritize what matters most to you, you realize that you can enjoy your life more.

Step Out of Your Comfort Zone to Get A Different View

If we’re always stuck in the same routine, life will feel stale. You’re doing the same thing. You know and associate with the same group of people. However, when we step out of our comfort zone and widen the circle we meet, you start to realize what matters to you. You meet people you can relate well with. You might even discover new passions and interests. I’ve done this through baby steps this year. I’m an introvert so I can easily get stuck in my own world and be a hermit. But when I put myself out there, it’s what led me to discover book clubs and women organizations to involve myself. This is what fulfills me. To step out of my comfort zone is actually my main goal for 2019 and all of life. Take time to think about how often you accept invitations? How often do you try something new? How often do you let people into your head to see you?

How To Get Real About Who You Are

These are somethings I’ve been thinking about for a while now. I’d love to know how you get clear about the life you want?

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    1. Yes, stress can definitely take a negative toll on our bodies. As for stepping out of comfort zones, it does open doors and I’m learning how to continue doing just that. Thanks for reading 🙂

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