Tips On How To Lead A Creative Life

Have you ever felt you’re in a situation where you’re not satisfied? Or are you feeling uninspired? I suggest you do the things below.

Allow Yourself to Breathe and Think

We all have busy lives but we should take moments to stop. Consider where you are and what you’re doing. We often don’t stop to question whether the actions we take resonate with who we are. From the summer and the month of September, I was on the move. I wasn’t questioning the fact that I wasn’t at all happy with where I was. I stopped. I took the time to sit down and consider what I want.

Make Bold Moves

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You have to summon the courage to go after what you want. This will mean saying yes and no to certain things. I’ll be a communications intern at the Mayor’s Office of Media & Entertainment in the Fall. Sending that application was a bold move I had to make. Don’t be afraid to go after things you want. If it feels right, go ahead.

Trust that Gut Feeling/Intuition

I believe we all have the gut feeling. The intuition that states: “This is right.”  We can have moments that reveal who we are but the getting there is the obstacle. When our goals prove a challenge, we can at times ignore the gut feeling.

I advise you don’t because the feeling will not go away. It will frustrate you unless you decide to take action. My gut feeling is that I see myself having a career in communications. I see myself doing work that will be of service. I see myself as a motivational speaker. This is what feels true to who I am. It’s often the vision of the life I want. It’s what makes me content.

Your Approval is the Only One Needed

You shouldn’t wait for everyone’s approval before you decide to go after what you want. You shouldn’t because you might not get it.

Below, the video is an interview with a favorite author of mine: Elizabeth Gilbert. She discusses a recent book of hers: “Big Magic” on how to lead your best creative life. The video is informative and inspiring.

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