Thousands March for Justice, To end Police Brutality

They’re were protesters in New York, Washington, Boston, Chicago and California. Amongst the crowd were adults, teenagers, and children. But they had the same goal. They wanted to bring attention to the injustice that was done to Eric Garner and Michael Brown.

Michael Brown was shot and killed by an officer in Ferguson, Missouri. Brown was an unarmed teenager. Eric Garner died because he was put in a chokehold by police officers. He was handled aggressively for selling loose cigarettes in Staten Island, NY. The jury deliberated in both cases but both officers were not indicted. The result of this, a national outcry.

Timeline of the events leading up to protest for Brown and Garner

I was dismayed by the Michael Brown case. I hoped that the jury would indict Officer Wilson. When it came to Michael Brown, we did not have access to a video. But for Eric Graner, we were put into a horrifying scene. The video depicting how Eric Garner was handled by the police touched everyone’s nerve, including mine.

Eric Garner’s Chokehold Death

In the streets, the protesters shout “Don’t shoot,” along with “I can’t breathe.” That’s what Eric Garner said as his head was pushed to the ground. “I can’t breathe” was what he said but to no avail.

Brutality is the word to use. These men and women in their uniforms, with their badges and guns, are placed in society to protect. These men and women are there to ensure people that there will be order. However, these men and women failed in both cases. They instilled fear. They aroused anger to the thousands who heard the story.

I want to try and wrap my head around why someone would act violently to a man stating “I can’t breathe.” I want to try to wrap my head around why an officer would take his gun out and shoot a teenager who did not display any weapon that would be threatening. Brutality is the word. They were people. The fact that they lost their lives in such a way is deeply disturbing. The fact that justice was not served, that’s baffling.

In New York, the estimate of the size of protesters was said to be 10,000 to 50,000.

In New York, the protesters marched from Washington Square Park to Herald Square to 1 Police Plaza, to the Brooklyn Bridge.

We discussed these stories in my journalism class. We discussed the ongoing protests. Some students were annoyed. They said that the protests were disruptive because they had to go to work. They had to get to their classes. Another student said she didn’t understand the point of protesting.

It’s unfortunate that some people had a hard time getting by because protesters were on the street. However, it’s despicable that a teenager and a father lost their lives in the hands of those who are meant to protect society. It’s despicable that the jury let them walk away. The protests are a symbol that their lives were significant. These protests are a symbol that we do not believe that what happened that day was right.

At the pivotal moments in U.S. history, the civil rights movement, the women’s movement, you’ll attest that the solution was not by dismissing the problem at hand. People had to take action. To raise awareness of an issue through discussions, through writing, through marching. Through coming together to march for justice.

Millions March in NY Time Lapse

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