Thoughts On Xenophobia In South Africa

Lately, in the news, we hear of the killings of Nigerians by South Africans. It’s unfortunate to read of such stories. To know of the stigma put on Nigerians. Our people are often cast aside globally and now within the continent. I feel strongly about this for several reasons.

When people put a negative label on all Nigerians, those who have done nothing wrong are falsely accused and have to face ramifications of the stigma.

It sets a negative perception of our country and it’s people. Though some may have been involved in acts that are not legal, they are still other honest, hardworking Nigerians that exist.

It diminishes our morale as people. When Nigerians are put in a box, it diminishes our morale as people. We don’t value ourselves. Some may want to start denying their nationality out of the fear of that stigma.

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