There’s Always a Next Step

I will graduate college this month and there will be the next step. I know where I want to be. But I have moments of uncertainty. During moments when you’re uncertain, fearful or doubtful of the next step, you have to breathe and carry on. You have to keep persevering. You have to keep moving.

As I keep moving, I reflect on what I’ve learned. This last semester in college has been wonderful for me. I’ve had great experiences and good people come into my life. I’ve certainly learned something from this semester:

Friendships are Important To Cultivate:The people close to you can be the greatest source of comfort and support.

Your Passions Makes You Shine:  I always want to participate and help when I know it involves helping girls and women. It’s what I’ve become associated with. I gladly take the feminist label.

Everyone Feels Discomfort: No one is immune to discomfort in life. Our discomfort can come from various sources. It can be from our passion, fears, insecurities and envy. Discomfort is part of life. We have to embrace it. Don’t deny it. Be aware of it. Walk into and out of it.

The video below helps me understand that life unfolds as it should be. That’s not the easiest thing to accept but life unfolds as it should be.

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