The Ways To End Rape Culture in Nigeria

Rape culture is an ever-present issue in Nigeria. We hear cases of sexual assault and violence just too often. The recent cases that have sparked outrage in the country involve that of Uwaila Omozuwa who was gang-raped and killed inside a church in Benin City.

These cases often touch my heart and I believe that Nigeria has a long way to go in stopping rape culture.

Here are some ways that we can start to put an end to the cycle of rape.

Stop The Notion That A Woman’s Dressing & Location Warrant Harassment

There’s a terrible notion that a woman is guilty of assault based on how she looks and what she’s wearing. When a victim has the strength to confess what happened to her, she gets interrogated. What were you doing there? What was she wearing?

Women are human beings and therefore have a right to their own bodies. Nobody has a right to a woman’s body. We should all be treated with decency and respect.

Call Out Men on Male Privilege

Male Privilege highly exists in Nigerian culture. This is why some Nigeria men feel open to say and do whatever they want to women and girls. They are not afraid nor ashamed because they are men.

This is why we have to call out men for inappropriate behaviour. We have to call out men when they do and say things that are not alright.

If we don’t call these men out, we perpetuate the cycle that it is okay for a man to treat a woman in any way he likes.

You can watch the full video on my channel here.

Let me know your thoughts on how rape culture can be eradicated in Nigeria?

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