The Truth about Having & Maintaining Friendships

I value people. Connecting with others, engaging in discussions, sharing thoughts, ideas and laughter means a lot to me. Yet, like most people, I have my flaws. I do not always put enough effort into maintaining the friendships that I’ve been blessed with. I can consume myself with my aspirations, my ambitions or simply ruminating over experiences and thoughts I need to let go off. Ultimately, this would lead me to distance myself from others, rather than do what I love most which is connecting.

As I’ve gotten older, I know better. I know I can’t only complain about what I lack in life and disregard the role I play in my own discontent. If you are having issues connecting with people, forming friendships or maintaining existing friendships, I want you to consider the points I highlight below. Then, check out my YouTube on how to have and maintain friendships.


What is your perception of yourself?

Are you willing to be open and vulnerable with others?

Do you make an effort to put yourself in different environments?

Do you make time for the people you value in your life?

What You Need to Do In Order to Connect With Others & Maintain Friendships

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