The Self-Discovery Project: How To Tell Your Story On Social Media

I attended a training by Life Media Group on: Content Creation: Carving a Niche and Maximizing the Social Media Space. As a Communications Professional, I’m always looking for new ways to grow and develop my skills in the media realm. Attending such trainings like this not only informs me but it also inspires me to do more and keep getting better.

The training was held at Ventures Park on Saturday, the 14th. The facilitator was Deji Onadeko, a Self Discovery Coach and the founder of Life Media Group. The speakers were notable Abuja influencers such as Eketi Edima Ette, a Creative Writer, King Salem, a video story-teller, and MC Lively, a comedian and content-creator.

If you missed the event, you’re in luck because I provide you with some information that was discussed.

Before we dive into the discussion on how to tell your story on social media, we discussed the self first. This matters because before you can effectively start putting out content on social media, you have to know YOU.

How To Understand You

In order to understand yourself, Deji highlighted an exercise you can do. It’s called understanding your VITALS. V is value. I is in interests. T is temperament. A is around the clock. L is for life mission. S is for strengths.

How To Understand Yourself

Listen to compliments and absorb them: Through compliments, you will be able to access certain things on yourself.

  • Notice your emotions and flow states: Observe your emotional states because you will know what type of emotions you want to convey on social media.
  • Mindfulness: Consider what your thoughts are and where you allow your thoughts to travel to.
  • Have a journal and take your time to reflect.
  • Have a therapist or counsellor to discuss issues with.
  • Try a personality or temperament tests to understand yourself better.
  • Practice assertiveness in expressing your feelings, wants and needs in a direct and honest manner.
  • Surround yourself with those who will support you and foster growth.

Telling Your Story Online

To kick-start the discussion on using social media tools, Eketi discussed her journey. How she started on Facebook sharing some of her short stories. To her amazement, she was getting several positive reactions to her stories. From there, she got the courage to keep sharing and her brand grew on Facebook. She later continued and expanded seamlessly with other platforms such as Twitter and Instagram.

Eketi presently has 24.2K followers on Twitter, 18,998 followers on Facebook and 6,713 followers on Instagram.

In order to grow your brand, she says to consider your why: Why are you doing what you’re doing? What is your reason for putting out content?

She said that for her, interesting things had happened in her life and she wanted to share to entertain others.

You have to consider what your content is offering others. Is it there to educate, entertain, capitalize thoughts or even cause a revolution?

Or are you online to share your story for the joy of it? Or maybe you want to be able to make money through it.

How To Grow Your Brand Online

The next thing you ought to do is define your audience. For Eketi, her audience are book lovers and writers. Your audience can change-over-time. As she grew in her following, her audience also became brands.

Pick Your Platform: You have to choose the platform that you are comfortable with. You also have to show and not tell Eketi says.

“Let your readers use their imagination and figure things out themselves.”-
Eketi Edima Ette

In addition, Eketi highlights that the way to grow your brand is through consistency. You have to keep writing. You have to keep putting out content. If you want brands to come to you, then you have to be consistent.

She also adds that collaboration is the new competition. When getting on-board with story-telling, look to those who are doing what you aim to do and learn from them.

Lastly, Eketi says you ought to filter out the noise. You don’t write because someone else is writing like that. You write because this is your voice and your story.

Sharing Your Content through Videos

King Salem is a video-story teller. He makes short videos on Instagram. He has 12.8K followers. His videos get from up to 4,000 views and over 300 comments.

On creating his content, Salem first started sharing only on Instagram stories. Then, he decided to start sharing on the feed and that was how it started.

He says that for sharing content, people often under-rate the progress story. It is not all about when you make it big and are living high, he says. Right where you are is a story on its own. Your journey is a story on its own. You can’t wait till when you have arrived. You start where you are and often it’s the challenges and failures that make you more relatable to others.

Salem highlights three things to consider when telling your story through videos. You have to be REM:

  • Relatable
  • Easily applicable
  • Memorable

Carving A Niche For Yourself

When MC Lively got up for his session, he had the audience laughing from the beginning till the end. MC Lively is a content creator and comedian with over 1 million followers on Instagram.

For his session, he highlights that it is important to persevere. He had shows he had done in the past where hardly anyone would laugh. He still kept going. It matters to focus on moving forward.

MC Lively also spoke on the importance of having mentors. Everyone needs that person who believes in you more than you believe in yourself. Having a mentor is what can take you from one stage to the next.

What are your thoughts on content creation?

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