The Queen of Entrepreneurship: Tiana Von Johnson

Tiana Von Johnson is conquering the field of business, beauty, and publishing. She’s an entrepreneur, motivational speaker, author and beauty enthusiast. She obtained her start at the entrepreneurial world at the age of 27. In her first year of running her business, she generated over $1 million. Her Wall Street luxury real estate firm, Goldstar, as well as her national investment company; Minority Investors Alliance (MIA) is a success that has led to television and media interviews. She’s been featured on notable media outlets, some of which include Black Enterprise, CNN, Crain’s New York Business and Marie Claire. Through her work, she inspires others to transform their lives and get on the path to success.

Before she became an entrepreneur, Tiana had the (9-5) role in the corporate world. Although she was successful, she felt it was not her true calling. She decided to take a risk and ventured out of the 9-5 routine. Through determination and persistence, she’s become a multi-dollar brand strategist. Because of the experiences gained by building her own brand, she now encourages and coaches’ others, especially women entrepreneurs on how to build their own businesses. Tiana has served as a keynote speaker for The Powerhouse Wealth and Financial Empowerment Seminar. She encourages women to work with and support each other as they build their brand.

“A lot of times, we hear the old cliché where women don’t want to stick together. I believe that women are beautiful, strong and powerful. Together, I think that we can do such amazing things”- says Tiana.

In addition to taking on the business world by storm, Tiana is also an accomplished writer. In her book “How to Enhance Your Self-Worth to Increase Your Net-Worth,” she teaches readers how to have a mindset mastery to obtain a life with potential and hope. Through this book, she wants others to understand the power of the mind in creating unhappy and unhealthy circumstances. She provides important tips, as well as shares her inspirational story of transforming her life to becoming a successful business woman.


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Tiana continues to find new ways to expand her business and support others in their ambitions. This month, from January 14th-15th, she will be hosting the 5th Annual Women Doing It Big Conference in New York City. It’s a weekend designed to bring women and men together to celebrate their accomplishments, as well as to become empowered to find innovative ways to use their passions to make an impact.

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