The Impact of Faith In Your Life: Q & A with Sarah Audu

We’ve just gone through the Easter season and I hope it was wonderful for you. This season was special for me because it was a period of challenging myself. I challenged myself through sacrificing things I usually love to consume. I challenged myself by striving to be more patient. Overall, I’ve been making more of an effort to have a deeper, stronger relationship with God by taking more time to reflect on his word.

Having a strong relationship with God is the most significant thing to me because my faith continues to move me. To heal me. To strengthen me. To give me peace and joy in moments of pain.

For my latest Youtube video, I’m glad to be speaking to Sarah Audu aka Princessaudu communications professional and fashion and faith blogger. For our conversation, we discuss Christianity and the impact and role it plays in every aspect of life. We discuss religion and relationships, religion and work as well as religion and sexuality. Check out the video below and let me know your thoughts on how faith impacts your life?

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