12 Quotes from The Dalai Lama’s Unique Guide for Happiness

I’m always curious about books. When I was in New York, a friend of mine was reading “The Art of Happiness” by the Dalai Lama. I felt it vital for me to read the book too because I was going through a turbulent stage in my life. So I borrowed the book from my friend. I later purchased my own copy. Reading “The Art of Happiness” was therapeutic for me. His words served as an insight and reminder of how I needed to change my state of mind in order to not drown in misery. I have no doubt that everyone strives for happiness in their lives. Who wouldn’t want to be content and at peace within themselves and their environment? The book teaches you a way of living that requires constant practice in order to not let yourself be burdened by pain, sorrow, and difficulty that might exist in your surroundings or within your mind. I share 12 of my favorite quotes by the Dalai Lama from “The Art of Happiness.”

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The quote I relate to the most is “the beginning of being released from our suffering is to investigate one of the primary causes: resistance to change…” In the past, I was suffering because I wasn’t willing to accept what I couldn’t control. I wasn’t willing to be open to the change that was approaching me. But when I decided to stop resisting, I felt free. What quote resonates with you and why?

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