The Benefits of the Single Life

As we’re in the month of February, we see this as the season of love. This is because we know that every February 14th is Valentine’s Day. As a romantic, I do absolutely love everything about this season. The notion of love warms my heart. However, as I’ve grown and had some dating experiences, I’ve learned a lot about love. In the past, my idea of love was having someone who would always be by me so I won’t be alone. I wanted someone that fit those attractive physical traits. As I’ve grown older, I know better. Being currently single, it teaches me a lot about myself and my life.

Being single has taught me to learn to do things on my own. It has taught me to take my happiness as my responsibility. It has also taught me to strengthen my faith in my God.

If you’re someone who laments Valentine’s Day and being single, here’s my video for you. Trust me, I understand why you might feel bad but there are certainly some benefits that come with the single life.

Why You Should Be Okay With Being Single

What are your thoughts on being in a relationship or being single? Let me know in the comments below.

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