The Beauty of Female Friendships

Female friendships can be a beautiful thing. Our greatest friendships add color and more light into our lives. The friendships we form in our lives are truly valuable and we should endeavor to appreciate them because what they offer matters.


Our friendships can provide us with great support. We need support when we go through difficult times in our lives. We need people who will pick up the phone and speak to us. We need those that will come and meet us when it’s not convenient. The support and advice our friends offer provide us with strength to keep pushing through.


Joy can be found in the company of those we adore. When we surround ourselves with great friends, it can be just what we need to remember what is good about life. Great friends can help us remember how important it is to make time to relax, to find the humor in our days. They can also provide us with insight on the decisions we make.


Having those on our side who are motivating us to be the best we can be is necessary. Our sisters motivate us to aim high in our careers and in our relationships. Our sisters motivate us to not remain stagnant, that we can and should change. They motivate us to be better, to see our value and worth.

Our sisters motivate us to not settle for a life that is mediocre. To not settle for being in a state nor environment that makes us unhappy. They motivate us to not give up on ourselves nor our dreams.

Having a strong support system is valuable. Within and outside of my family, I’ve been motivated to go after my goals, to be mindful of speaking positively towards myself. I feel fortunate to meet such special people in my life at different stages whose presence brought me joy and wisdom.

What are some things you appreciate about your friendships?

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