The Beauty of Female Friendships & Sisterhood

Female friendships and sisterhood is a significant bond. Our female friends and sisters add color and life to our experiences. As a feminist, I believe that women are a strong and unique gender who can do powerful things together. However, I admit from experiences and my personal failures that we women and girls are not always kind to each other. Sometimes, we allow trivial things such as gossip, jealousy, competition and even relationships to get in the way of our bond. But I believe we all need to learn to always rise above such things and focus on how valuable we all are. We should always celebrate and uplift each other. I want to use this post to go back in time from my past and now my present to appreciate all the good things that female friendships and sisterhood brought into my life.

Your Female Friends Help You To Learn More about Yourself

I’m the one in yellow. I was at City University of New York, Queens College. I participated in a Role Model Program with the New York Coalition of Black Women.

I appreciate that through female friendships, I can learn a lot about myself. Though I am no longer close to my college/university best friend, I still value the presence she had in my life. When I started university, I was very insecure, shy and indecisive. God thought it necessary to bring me a friend that was the exact opposite. Through her, I learned about the negative traits I had. She would tell me that I would always put myself down as though I’m inadequate. She would be honest with me about my indecisiveness. I truly needed a friend like that to be real with me because she helped me to be more aware of the traits that were holding me back.

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Female friends are honest enough to admit your flaws which matters so you can learn how to do and be better.

Your Girlfriends Provide You with Support

I’m obviously the one in Purple. This was at my high school: Westhill Institue prom in Mexico City.

Our female friendships can provide us with great support. We need support when we go through difficult times in our lives. We need people who will pick up the phone and speak to us. We need those that will come and meet us when it’s not convenient. The support and advice gives us the strength to keep pushing through in spite of our challenges and failures.

Also, we all need support and praise for our success.  It’s important to celebrate and empower each other as women because encouragement and support provide a stimulus for us to keep moving forward.

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As women, we should always celebrate and empower each other because that helps us to keep moving forward.

The Women in Your Life are Motivators & Inspiration

I and my mentor at Queens College, City University of New York.

Having those on our side who are motivating us to be the best we can be is necessary. Our female friends and mentors motivate us to aim high in our careers and our relationship. Our sisters motivate us to not remain stagnant. That we can and should change. They motivate us to be better. To see our value and worth. Our female mentors motivate us to not settle for a life that is mediocre. To not settle to be in a state or an environment that is making us unhappy. They motivate us to not give up on our dreams.

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Having a support system is valuable. Within and outside of my family, my mother and teachers and mentors have been my support system. I’ve been motivated to go after my goals. To be mindful of speaking positively towards myself. I’ve been fortunate to have met such special people in my life at different stages who’ve seen something in me and encouraged me.

Your Female Friendships and Sisters Add Joy To Your Days

Joy can be found in the company of those we adore. When we surround ourselves with great friends and family members, it can be just what we need to remember what is good about life. My junior sister is the funniest person I know. I always enjoy her company and jokes. She makes it very easy for me to see the humor in everything.

I’m thankful and grateful for all the women in my life. Those that I knew in the past. Those who are part of my days now. Those who I will meet in the future. Thank you for being there for me. Thank you for encouraging me. Thanks for advising me. Thanks for educating me. Thanks for working with me. Thanks for strengthening me. Thanks for helping me relax.  Thanks for keeping it real. Lastly, thank you for inspiring me.

What are some positive things that your female friendships/sisters provide you with?

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2 thoughts on “The Beauty of Female Friendships & Sisterhood

  1. My female friends are a good support system for me. We share a lot, laugh, cry and spur each other on to achieve things. I am also accountable to them. Some other women are mentors to me and it’s an amazing feeling to know that I have sisters with me along my journey. I also belong to a spiritual female community, ist beautiful to share the word together and pray together.

    1. Awesome. That’s great. It really matters to have female friends because we all need some support system to push, encourage us and also just to relax with. Thanks for stopping by the blog 🙂

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