The Beauty of A New Age

I celebrated my birthday on Saturday, the 9th of February. I turned 26. I know most people don’t like to reveal their age. One thing you can dread about birthdays is the reality of getting older. But it’s actually become my favorite thing about birthdays. Not exactly the number but what getting older brings. It’s changed me from the insecure, awkward teenager I was and led me to the confident and daring woman that I am becoming. Each new year, I see myself diving deeper. Deeper as I learn more about others. Deeper as I learn more about myself.

For this post, I highlight some of the amazing things that have come to me as a result of getting older. As a result of the beauty of a new age.

You Let Go Off Insecurities and Embrace You

When I was younger, that pre-teen and teenager stage, I was overwhelmed with my insecurities. The thoughts around me keep saying “not good enough.” Not smart enough. Not pretty enough. I sunk myself in self-pity despite all the light and positiveness around me. But as I get older, insecurities fade away. I open up. I see myself in a worthy light. I embrace all the things I love and it brings me joy, purpose and meaning.

How To Get Real About Who You Are

You Realize What You Like and Don’t

As you get older, you learn more about yourself through interactions with others. You learn more about what you want to accept into your life. In the past, I would simply let anything in and it broke me. I didn’t create boundaries. I didn’t speak up. I sat quietly feeling worthless and wanting more. But as I get older, bits of wisdom hover around me. I admit I want more. I realize my voice matters. I choose what I will accept into my life.

Uncovering The Life You Want From Shattered Pieces

You Contemplate What Matters Most in Life

In the past, I was all about going to school and getting good grades. That seemed to be the most important thing for me. I had to excel. Others must have a good impression of me. I should succeed. But with age, you start to think about other things. I start to think more about life and death. I think about the importance of family and friendships. I find myself dreaming and smiling about children.

I think more about what lights me up. I value people more because I recognize and admit the happiness that comes from good company. As I got older, I now know that life is more than school. Life is more than work. I make efforts to go beyond that. I make time for what matters most to me.  

My Advice To The Frustrated Teenager

A New Age Makes You Seek Depth

As I’ve gotten older, I seek depth and meaning in most things. In the past, I would just want to do things for the sake of it. I wanted to fill space in my life. I wasn’t thinking about what’s most valuable. I would want to settle for anyone for the experience. I would be around people that didn’t get me.

But as I get older, I find it hard to accept anything less than. I don’t want to be with someone simply because they think I’m beautiful and I find them to be handsome. I want depth. I don’t want to associate with people that I’m not happy to be around with. I want to be around those that I can laugh with. Those that I can have a good conversation with. I want to be with those that dream. I want to be with those who will lift me when I tell them my dreams.

You Become Okay with Walking By Yourself

I used to be afraid and embarrassed to go somewhere on my own. But now, what I think about is what makes me happy. I can’t sit around and wait for someone to enter into my life until I can then be happy. I must be happy right now. So until my divine love comes in, I will continue to walk my walk and I am okay with it.

I can’t sit around and wait for someone to enter into my life until I can then be happy. I must be happy right now..

These are somethings I truly appreciate about getting older. I know that with a new age, God looks at me and says, this is what knowledge I will give you. This is what experience I will put you through, not to break you but to strengthen you. God looks at me and says, this is what I will bring to lighten your days. Yes, there is surely a beauty that comes with a new age. I can already feel what this age is telling me. It says to step up. To speak more. It says a special, lasting love is coming in. It says we’re on the cusp of adventure. It feels like a new life is starting. It calls me sweetly to take action. You will see what I mean. This new age has me stepping into more of myself.

Do you like birthdays and getting older? Let me know why or why not in the comments section.

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