The Art of Networking Through Social Media

When we think of networking, we assume it involves the exchange of business cards. We see ourselves heading from one conference or workshop to another. These days, networking does not only take place through in-person events. Networking can happen and occurs easily through social media. The online realm affords us many opportunities. One of these is the ability to network through social media. If you’re not quite sure how to begin, here is how you do it.

Pick A Platform & Follow The People and Companies You Admire

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There are a variety of social media platforms that one can utilize. Depending on which platform you feel yields you the most engagements, you can choose. It could be Twitter, Instagram, Linkedln or Facebook. Find the right platform for you and then begin to follow the people you admire. Also, follow the companies that you also admire to keep up with updates on the organization.

Do Your Research On What Makes Them Unique + Engage With Their Posts

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Through following the people and companies you admire, you should be able to find something unique about them. Keep diving into the posts to understand the values, missions or quirks around this person.

Also, it’s important to make yourself stand out by engaging with their posts. You engage with their posts by liking and commenting on the posts. When you comment on the posts, provide useful and insightful information. A generic comment such as “That’s nice,” or “Sounds good,” does not make you stand out. Put comments that relate to the context of the post and that also add value.

Send A Message To The Person You Admire About Meeting-Up

Myself: Isioma Ononye and members of New York Women In Communications (NYWICI)

Now, that you’re following the person that you admire, you can reach out to that person that you want to meet. Your message should be brief and concise. Let the person know who you are and what you do. Include why you admire the person or company. Include a specific reason for wanting to meet. Sometimes, you might not even have to go such in-depth depending on the platform. When I met up with a writer that I admire from Huff-Post, I sent a simple tweet. I was actually already in a conference where the writer was at. However, I did not get a chance to meet her in person so I sent a tweet that I liked her work and wanted to meet. That was it.

If the person is available to meet up with you, honour the invitation by being on time. Also, come prepared with relevant questions that you want to ask them. In addition, in order to continue building and developing the relationship, show how you can be of value too. Remember that networking is all about relationship building. That means that it’s a two-way street. It matters to show what you also have to offer.

Send A Thank You Message and Continue To Engage Through Social Media

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After meeting up with the person you admire, you should reach out and provide a thank you note. Thank the person for taking the time out of their day to meet you and answer the questions that you had.

Lastly, make sure that you continue to keep in touch with this person through social media. Continue to develop and maintain the relationship by being active and thus engaging with their posts.

Do you have a story of connecting with someone through social media?

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