relationship advice

Lessons Learned From Dating The Wrong Guys

Dating can be a beautiful and interesting experience. There’s a lot you can learn from dating. You can learn about yourself and others. Here’s what I’ve learned from dating so far.

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3 Signs You Shouldn’t Be With That Person

Love is that universal thing we desire. I’m sure we all aspire to have genuine love in our lives, be it in our family, friendships and relationship. I’m a hopeless romantic so love is something that is always on my mind. However, I’ve made some mistakes in that department. In dating, I’ve fallen for the […]

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Millennial Champion Ann Shoket’s Advice For Living a Life You Love

The Young Professional’s Committee for New York Women in Communications hosted it’s “New Year, New You” event at the Gadner in New York City with millennial champion Anne Shoket. She offered her advice on career and relationships.

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