The Way to Overcome Stress and Sadness

Life can certainly take a toll on us but there ’s a way to overcome difficult times. Like most people, I’ve dealt with my own share of stress. There was stress I dealt with as a student with keeping up with school work, organizations, and internships. There was stress I dealt with as an employee […]

The TAG Initiative Talk on Impact of Sexual Abuse on Mental Health

I attended the Train A Girl Initiative Talk on the Impact of Sexual Abuse on Mental Health. I attended this talk through Mentally Aware Organization. I would like to share what I learned, as well as discuss my thoughts on sexual abuse. For the talk, the speakers included Bukky Shonibare, the founder of Girl Child […]

Suicide Talk from Dr. Adebimpe Alder

I attended a public lecture on the topic of suicide. It was an interactive discussion that was held at Neem Foundation. The speaker was a Consultant Psychiatrist, Dr. Adebimpe Alder. This post is about what I learned from the lecture. First, I want to start off with my little message to those of you who […]

How To Cope When Your Plans Don’t Work Out

The reality of life is that the things we plan don’t always work out. We find ourselves in unexpected places, situations and events. This can be difficult to deal with. My experiences have led me to understand that sometimes your plans don’t work out but you have to learn to still ride the wave. Here […]