Ways to Get Over Bad Moods during the Winter & Holiday Season

Our mental health can be affected in a variety of ways because of different factors. Seasonal Affective Disorder is a type of depression that’s due to a change in seasons. Your energy levels become low. You lose interest in activities you used to enjoy. You feel sluggish, agitated and hopeless. I experienced this living in […]

How to Shake Off Thoughts of Not Being Good Enough

One of the things I struggled with during my adolescence and still now as a young adult are thoughts of not being good enough. What happens is that I contemplate why my life is and isn’t a certain way. I question why my career goals aren’t manifesting the way I would hope. I question the […]

Why You Need to Set Your Emotions Free

The first impression, I can appear to be a very serious person which I am but I am mostly an expressive person. I like to express myself and my emotions. I cry when I need to and there’s something great that happens after I cry. I feel a release of whatever I felt caged in. […]

How I Got My Joy Back

We all have moments when we’re not alright. The obstacles in life can take a toll on us and we may find ourselves in a dark state. But there’s a way out. There are some things that helped me to overcome depression.

Navigating the Difficult Times in Our Lives

We all go through difficult moments in our lives that may make us weary. But the rough patch we face doesn’t have to break us because of what we learn in the process.