Street Harassment Is A Problem

Shoshana Roberts, an actress, wanted to bring attention towards street harassment, “cat-calling.” A video camera is hidden as she walks down the street. As she walks down the street, she is subjected to different reactions by men.

A controversy with this video is that people say that not every comment made towards her was inappropriate. There were certain statements such as “good morning” or “have a good day.” Though I can agree that not every comment she received was inappropriate, I believe that the message she makes is important.

The point of the video was to bring attention to the street harassment that women face every day. Women walk down the street and men deem it necessary to say whatever thoughts come into their mind. This is a problem because it shows a lack of respect towards women. I have faced this on many occasions and I do not find it endearing. I believe that one of the solutions is to have videos as this bring attention to the issue.

In order for this to stop, more needs to be done to address the issue so it stops being a norm. There should be consequences for street harassment. If there were strict consequences, then that becomes an incentive for individuals to be mindful of the way they approach others.

I also believe that the root of this problem has to do with the environment one is raised in. It starts in the home. It starts in the family. If boys grow up in an environment where girls and women are objectified, they will not see it as a problem to harass girls and women. In addition, if girls also grow up in an environment where they see other women harassed and are taught to be submissive, they will not take action when these problems occur.

The sad fact is that street harassment occurs almost everywhere. We need to look at ourselves as individuals, be observant of the people we surround ourselves with. Be observant of their actions towards others, to speak out when we notice something that is wrong or inappropriate. Men need to speak out against other men who they see putting women through any kind of harassment, be it street, physical or verbal. Women need to continue to speak up and advocate that others do so as well.

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