Stepping Into Personal Growth: Q & A with Gloria Edukere

Personal development is truly significant in life. It matters that we are taking steps to constantly grow and become better versions of ourselves.

I take personal development seriously because I believe in growth and learning all the way. That’s why I decided to interview Gloria Edukere. She’s an HR Professional, a personal development advocate and also a Lifestyle Blogger. Here is what she has to say.

How do you work on developing your skills?

I do a SWOT analysis on myself first. Then, I research- check through my industry to see what is trending, what others are doing and how they do it. From there, I can learn what I need to, get tools that will help me, do the work and share for reviews. It’s all about researching, learning and practising to do and be better.

How can you stay motivated with a growth mindset?

A growth mindset isn’t something you wake up with. Just like having great skin and body or growing a business; you’ll need to put in the work. For me, I surround myself with all the positive energy I can get; learn from and read about successful people, network, socialize and be around people who think growth. However, it requires a personal effort to be and stay motivated.

What are some barriers that prevent growth?

I’ll say no.1 is not being open to learning. You have to be willing to continue to seek new knowledge.

Secondly, motivation. A lot of people wait for validation from others before they move but you should believe in yourself enough to be your own inspiration.

Lastly, some people do not have the necessary tools or finances to afford the things they need. Not having the right network too can be a limitation for growth to occur.

What steps should women take to advance in the workplace?

Women need the right attitude, skills and confidence to excel in their career.

What steps should women who are struggling financially due to COVID19 do?

For women who are struggling financially, I’ll like to suggest they, first of all, trace their financial history to see what led to their present situation and make plans and efforts towards making amends. How? Apply for jobs, start a business, develop yourself, learn a skill, get creative, start a business that will provide you with money. Reach out too because there are people doing giveaways, others are employing and speak to someone about your situation. Don’t suffer in silence.

I have a mini-guide course on personal development which is free and the link is on my Instagram bio for any further details.

For more inspiring stories follow Gloria as Cocoaseries on Instagram and read her Blog.

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