Signs Your Groups & Associations Are Toxic & What To Do About It

Who we associate with are a reflection of who we are. Who we associate with also impacts our perception of ourselves. Therefore the community around us matters. We form and join groups to gain knowledge and have belonging. Online classes and groups are necessary but with anything in life, you have to be mindful of how well it functions.

I have a few signs to keep you alert that your group and association might be draining you as opposed to fueling you.

There’s A Constant Lack of Respect

It matters to belong to groups where individuals are treated with decency. No one should be looked down up. No one should be belittled or made to be a joke.

If you notice that there is a constant habit of disrespect among group members, that is an issue. Everyone in life deserves to be treated with decency and respect. This is regardless of gender and status.

Leadership Is The Source of Challenges + No Accountability

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It’s significant that there should be certain rules and guidelines to uphold in any group. There should be adequate facilitation and moderation to ensure conversation and comments are valuable and appropriate.

However, if you notice that disrespect and negativity continue to take place with no consequences, this is a problem. It shows that the leaders do not genuinely care about their members. It sets the prevailing tone and creates an environment where anything is tolerable.

You Are Uncomfortable & Unhappy

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Groups and associations are often formed for the goal of creating a community. You should not feel uncomfortable within a certain circle. You should not feel bad or sad about expressing your thoughts and ideas. You should not be made to feel bad about the challenges that are personal to you. These feelings should not be prevalent in the right community.

Your Capabilities Are Discredited & Downplayed

Everyone has something unique and valuable they bring to the table. We each have different skills that we have. If your skill is mocked and downplayed, that is not right. If you are being verbally harassed for not being good enough, this is wrong.

You should not encounter bullies in a good community. People should not put you down at the expense of complimenting another.

How To Handle The Issue

If the points listed above are relevant to your groups and associations, there are two ways that you can handle this.

Confront The Issue

You can speak up and confront those who are the source of disrespect and negativity. You can take up the issue by letting leadership in on your thoughts and feelings about the manner in which the group is conducted

Leave The Group & Organization

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You can choose to exit the group and organization if it is not serving you well. You have to make efforts to find other groups and organizations that cater to your interests and values. You need to seek out groups and organizations where you feel valued and respected.

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