Sekinat Sanni on Creating a Platform of Empowerment

Sekinat Sanni is an entrepreneur who started her journey to entrepreneurship through her blog. Her blog at SekinaSanni is a channel that is aimed at empowering, influencing and coaching women and men. Her site is geared towards embracing personal development and self-growth globally.

In addition to personal development, she’s also interested in the field of marketing. She studied International Finance for her B.Sc at Eastern Mediterranean University. After which, she proceeded to gain M.Sc in Marketing Management at University of Southampton, United Kingdom. Through her blog, she, therefore, aims to also educate start-ups on basic knowledge that would boost their brand visibility, sales, and profitability.

Sekinat’s intention for her platform is to be the world’s comfort zone. She says her site was created to help individuals remember their dreams, overcome their obstacles, and utilize their potentials fully. It is an insignia of resilience, teamwork, hardwork, perseverance and selfless love.

I had the pleasure of interviewing this inspirational woman about her blog, her advocacy endeavors, her faith and philosophies on her life and business.

Tell us a little bit about what you do and how you began your journey to entrepreneurship?

I started entrepreneurship through blogging. Then, people started reaching out for blog and business consultation. Eventually, I intend to expand broadly.

Over the years, I have involved myself in Lifestyle Blogging, Content Development, Capacity Building, Personal Development Advocacy and as a Social Worker.

Through your blog: Sekinat Sanni, one of the themes you elaborate on is women empowerment. You were at the SHE-EO Talk Show Conference in Lagos? What was the experience like and how were you involved?

SHE-EO was a life-changing experience. An avenue that afforded me the chance to meet women of great intellect, learn and exchange ideas. I was a participant but it was a very interactive session.

In all, the event was an eye-opener as I met women doing great things in their chosen field. It really crowned the knowledge that; as a woman, we can be more and still do great things in our area respectively. Thus, it is important we support and empower each other.

Personally, women empowerment is all about stressing on the necessity behind putting yourself and needs as a top priority. This implies ditching the expectations others have on you or letting the society have a say in your life decisions.

Women empowerment is the necessity behind putting yourself and needs as a top priority.

As we live in Nigeria, it is evident that there are challenges that one goes through especially if you are a woman or a girl. There is the issue of child marriage or the girl not being afforded the same opportunities as the boy. When I read the news, there are always cases of sexual assault of the woman and the girl. What steps do you believe will help to rectify the issues that the woman and girl face in this country?

Illiteracy is a key factor. Public enlightenment programs aren’t organized to enlighten females on how best to be healthy and live a good life.

Girls are doing excellently well. It is just unfortunate that they are exposed to sexual abuse and the likes which we can change by educating girls in the society right from an early age.

However, educating an average Nigerian girl is said to be a waste since it’s believed that she’ll end up in a man’s kitchen. One begins to wonder if marriage is all about culinary skills. We need to empower women with knowledge and it is very important that everyone takes a stand against such acts. This will go a long way in changing the narratives.

How do you think we women and the girls can be a solution to the challenges that affect us?

Women are major influencers in the society as wives, mums, teachers, caregivers. And as women, we make the society and the people in it.

We can make changes by lending our voices and speaking up without fear. A big step is if we can have more faith in ourselves, abilities, strengths and purpose.

Also, in addition to women empowerment, your blog covers faith. You recently published a post on “Inspiring African Muslim Women Bloggers.” What does it mean to you to be a Muslim woman in Nigeria?

I think the question should be “What does it mean to be a Muslim woman regardless of your tribe or location.”

As a Muslim woman; you need to be extra. You need to be on top of your game because you carry an identity, especially if your dressing connotes it.

Also, you’re a representative of the religion and some people look up to you. Thus, not only am I a role model for myself but also, to Islam and the world at large.

Are there misconceptions people might have about your religion and wearing the Hijab?

There are definitely misconceptions like a girl is not allowed to go to school or a woman is not meant to take on big roles. So with the hijab, people assume you can’t socialize. They think the hijab is an infringement on rights and many others.

However, just like you said, it’s all a misconception and I’d just drop one thing; Islam has given us the power to seek knowledge; a whole verse was dedicated to reading, knowledge acquisition and education. I believe people should seek knowledge of the religion before making assumptions.

What are your goals for your site, career, for your life?

I want my website to be known worldwide for impacting the lives of people; women especially..

Career-wise; I want to become a notable Marketing Expert by deploying my very sturdy passion for marketing and consumer insights, its impacts and relevance across various business environments regardless of sector.

For my life, I want to live a peaceful and fulfilling life. I want to build a legacy with my positive contributions in the community.

What’s your advice for women who aspire to achieve your level of impact and influence?

All that you see that I do now or that I have become takes hard work, dedication, discipline, consistency, and prayer. Nothing comes easy. Stick to what you believe and don’t stop. Things might not happen at your first attempt. However, as you keep trying, you’d get to where you want and realize, you can go even beyond it.

Nothing comes easy. Stick to what you believe and don't stop.

Also, pay close attention to the things you hold important. This way, you can redirect your own perception of personal identity and success. Remember that the responsibilities of who you are and how best you want people to know you depend on you.

For more information and inspiration, you can take a look at Sekinat’s site here >>

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