Seize the Day: Brittany Maynard’s Choice

Brittany Maynard had terminal brain cancer. She decided to take medication to end her life. She wanted to die her way. She was surrounded by the people she loved. Maynard died on the 2nd of November.

When I think about her story, I’m touched. I try to put myself in her situation and imagine how I would act.

In the video, Maynard said she decided to seize each day. She wanted to make the most of her time with her parents and her husband. The husband discussed how he and his wife were going to do the things that matter, take the time to appreciate life. After hearing about this story, I couldn’t help but stop and question my life.

There are things that I desire in this life. I’ve always viewed my passions as my ultimate goal. I often look to the future because that seems to be the place where I need to be. However, when I hear stories such as this, it puts things into perspective. I’m reminded that the present is what we all have right now.

Maynard’s doctor told her that she had six months to live. Whether we choose to accept it or not, we too all have a timeline in our lives. The only difference between us and Maynard is that she was told her timeline but ours remains a mystery.

I tend to question my life. I keep telling myself that there should be more to it. There should be more living. More “slowing down.” When we rush, we often miss the beauty of our life. We miss the wonderful moment or person in front of us. We have to remember to slow down. We need to remember to surround ourselves with those we care about. We need to take the time to make the phone call.

We can learn a valuable lesson if we can try to put ourselves in Brittany’s situation, what would matter to you most then? Do it now.


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