Overcoming Challenges As A Creative Person In Nigeria

To be a creative person, to be a content creator is not an easy pursuit. There are many difficulties and challenges that one can face. First of all, you could be doing your best and not seeing the results. You spend money on data, photoshoots, collaborations and it doesn’t seem to work. You might feel as though you hardly get support in your craft. I understand because I go through this frustration. However, in spite of it all, I know that I will always keep writing. I know that I will always try to put content out there. I know that I will go to the grave with creativity. I’ve committed to it for life. Here is how I overcome the challenges that arise with being a creative person.

Understand Your Why & Your Purpose

In order to keep being a creative individual, you have to understand your why and purpose. What is driving you to produce? What is driving you to create content? It has to be more than aesthetics and money. You have to have something bigger than that because you would easily quit. You would easily quit when the money doesn’t come in. You would easily quit when you put out a photo and video and you don’t get any comments. It happens so why do you want to create?

As for me, I do truly love it. I feel a deep passion for personal development. I feel a deep passion to put out content that will touch and inspire others. Through my brand, I want to create a community where we can be honest and help one another with the challenges we face. Life isn’t easy and we really do need one another. That is what drives me to create. That is what drives me to produce. What is your why?

Remain Patient Because the Internet Connection is Still Loading

Being a creative person requires patience. Being a creative person in Nigeria requires extra patience. Internet costs are expensive. In addition, it’s not always stable. That is just the reality that we face and have to deal with. You have to be patient and know that putting out your content might take several trials.

For more on this, check out the video on my Youtube channel as I address how to rectify these issues.

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