Nutrition and Movement Tips for Winter

I attended a workshop on nutrition and movement for winter at the Center for Remembering and Sharing in New York City. I was at the workshop because, during the winter, I become a little less inclined to stay healthy. Also, I used to only be proactive and conscious about my workouts than my nutrition. That way, I’ll eat what might not be healthy because I’ll tell myself, I exercise so it doesn’t matter. But that’s not a good mindset to have because it’s not true. Consuming the foods that are great for the body positively affects not only weight but your energy levels and lifespan. No matter the season, we should all understand that truly living a healthy lifestyle entails movement and especially proper nutrition.

At the workshop, Sophia Gigitashvili, certified nutrition and detoxification specialist presented on nutrition during the winter. A chef, Arianna Sertoli later provided ingredients for healthy meals and smoothies. We also discussed some yoga poses that are excellent for regulating energy in the body. I’ve provided some information about what was discussed at the workshop below.

Sophia said it’s important to feel connected to our body. Connecting to our body is understanding how our body reacts to the different food that we consume. She said improving digestion in your life is significant because everything follows as a result. That’s weight and energy. She placed emphasis on three main principles:

  • Acid/ Alkaline Balance
  • Enzymes (live food)
  • Circadian Rhythms of the Body

What Should We Consume During Winter?

During winter, we should consume 40% acidic meals and 60% alkaline meals. However, in the summer, we should consume 20% acidic meals and 80% alkaline foods. Though in winter, we can consume more acidic foods, we should still always be cautious about the acidic food that we take.

What are some acidic and alkalizing foods?

Some acidifying food includes fish, meat, dairy, grains, chocolate, coffee + tea, alcohol, fruit juice and sodas.
Some alkalizing food includes vegetables, non-sweet citrus, fresh vegetable juices and sprouts.

Raw Foods: Some great raw foods during winter are nuts, seeds, spices, green juices, fruits, and raw honey.
Why are raw foods great? Raw foods are high in enzymes, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and alkaline. The benefits are it will give you more energy, mental clarity, good digestion, weight loss, balances cholesterol and improves the skin.

The ingredients for a great digestive tonic is below.

• 2 stalks of celery
• 2 handful of parsley
• 2 handful of dandelion leaves
• Ginger
• 1 green apple
• ½ lemon

Tip: Always take green juices on an empty stomach.

What Are Great Supplements for the Body?

Neem: Soothes irritation and protects the skin. Increases the health of hair and scalp. Boosts immune system.
Moringa: Rich in vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. Contains vitamins A, C, and E.
Ashwaganda: This helps combat effects of stress. It improves learning and memory. It reduces anxiety and depression.

Holiday Season Eating Tips

As we’re in the holiday season, it becomes easy to overindulge as we’re spending a lot of time at gatherings and dinners that will involve food. There a few holiday tips that the Chef highlighted.

• Bring your own dish. A salad will be a great choice.
• Fill in one plate and try to take healthy choices.
• Drink lemon or ginger with warm water.
• Don’t arrive famished.
• Sit or hang further away from the Table.

Yoga Sequence to Keep the Body Moving


A yoga sequence you can do to keep the body moving is below.

Breathing standing 5 times
• Sun Salutation
• Low Lunge
• High Lunge
• Twist to side lunge (both sides)
• Warrior 2
• Plank
• Side Plank
• Plank
• Child pose
• Ankle to Knee and Fold
• Bridge
• Fish Pose
• Corpse pose: 2 minutes with hands on belly and heart, breathing deeply and then fully relaxing

If you have questions about the workshop or would like recipes for healthy meals, you can comment below or send me a message at Do you have tips on living a healthy lifestyle?

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