Navigating the Difficult Times in Our Lives

We all have those moments where our reality leaves us with a feeling of regret and disappointment.

For the beginning of the year, I obtained a part-time job. I believed it was ideal for the time being. But as the months rolled by, I watched numerous people leave the company. I found myself in a negative environment. I felt unappreciated. My self-confidence took a hit. I started to question my passion. Apart from work, I would have difficulty coming to terms with my best friend moving back to her country.

I felt drained by my rough patch. But I was also empowered to make difficult decisions. I had to begin the process of getting myself back. In this process, I learn that the rough patch we all face in life may weaken us but does not break us. The reasons why are below.

You Have Control Over Your Life

The rough patch that we face can teach us that we do indeed have control over our lives. It teaches us how we can react to situations and circumstances. What we can do for ourselves in order to move on. I recently decided to leave a job that I grew immensely unhappy in. This was a difficult situation because I consider myself a practical person. But I had to admit how much the environment had negatively affected me. I had to come to terms with whether or not I had a future with the company. I had to admit whether I was investing my time wisely. In making this decision, I felt scared but liberated. I decided that I needed my energy back. I needed myself back.

Before this month, I felt I had no control and I was merely going through the motions. I realized that I deserved more. I thought about what always makes me happy and I’ve signed up for a writer’s workshop class where I will work more on my creative non-fiction. I became a member of an organization where I will be able to develop and utilize my written and public speaking skills. This will also enable me to invest more time in seeking job opportunities that will offer me visa sponsorship.

In the midst of the rough patch, at some point, we have to tell ourselves: ENOUGH. We have to be kind to ourselves first. We have to do what’s best for us.

You Can Learn More About YOU= Growth

The rough patch most certainly teaches us about ourselves. I’ve learned how I react when I work with difficult people. I’ve learned how my body and mind reacts when I’m deeply unhappy.

Learning more about myself leads to a better understanding of me. It helps me to learn the best way to handle situations. It’s made me understand my reactions better. That way, I know what to do in order to trigger a different response. It’s made me understand which environment I want or don’t want for myself.

stronger pic 2

Learning more about me has taught me what I need to do to put myself in a better state. Things such as exercise: running, lifting weights and yoga makes an impact on my attitude.

Life Goes On Despite Your Predicament

When my friend went back to India, I felt unbalanced. Yet, all though I felt unbalanced, life goes on. I had to decide whether it was worth it to continuously ruminate over how the situation upset me. It’s not and because I felt unbalanced, I decided to make a greater effort to seek out the things that give me comfort, surround myself with more people and in different environments that do give me joy.

I hope sharing my experience has helped you with what you might be facing. Know that you can learn something from this experience. Know that we do have some power in our difficult situations. We do have the power to bring some light, no matter how little back into our lives. Once you’re in that state of knowing, I do hope that you also take action.

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