My Favourite Lessons From Michelle Obama’s “Becoming”

I recently completed “Becoming” by Michelle Obama. I’ve read Barrack Obama’s “Dreams from my father” a couple of years ago and I loved it. I could relate to some parts of his childhood moving around and the challenge in finding belonging. Due to the fact that I loved Barrack’s story, I was very interested in Michelle’s story too.

I felt that the story was beautifully written. Michelle took her time and took us through her journey from childhood, adulthood, marriage, motherhood, presidency and life after. She captivated us through all the different stages she’s going through in becoming herself. I thoroughly enjoyed the book. I feel that every woman and girl can gain from what the story has to offer. Here are some of my favourite lessons from the book.

Going After Your Passions Is More Fulfilling

Through “Becoming,” we learn that the road less travelled is better. Though Michelle worked hard to be a lawyer and excelled at her job, she realized that it wasn’t fulfilling to her. She cared about making an impact in under-served communities and in the lives of the youths. She would later leave her job at a private law firm and take a job with a lower pay where she could make more of an impact.

Confidence and Self-Worth Requires Constant Practice

It was not easy living a life under the public eye. Michelle said everything about her was criticized from the way she dressed to the issues that she focused on. She had to decide that she would not allow anyone’s perception of her to derail who she knew she was. She continues to shower herself with love and confidence and carry on with the things that matter to her.

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