My Favorite Ankara Styles

I enjoy wearing traditional, native (Ankara styles). So I have my favorite Ankara styles that I want to share with you.

The Dress for The One of a Kind Woman

When it comes to choosing a style for an Ankara dress, it can be easy to go simple and make it plain. This is because the prints on their own are already striking. However, I think the style you choose adds an extra touch. For this dress, I fell in love with the style because it was diverse. There’s the one shoulder arm. There are the ruffles in the dress. Depending on which side you’re looking at the dress, it’s unique.

Feel Like a Princess with Flare

Now another option for the dress would be the style I chose above. I enjoy wearing things that have the flare. I have several flare skirts with me. So choosing the style helped me to combine my love of flare to the Ankara Print.

I’ll be in the Skirt and Blouse

The skirt and blouse is a common and classic Ankara style. But there are things, styles you can choose to make it pop. For my blouse, I didn’t want it falling on my shoulders. Also, I wanted the top to be elongated at the back as you can see. For the skirt, I chose mid-length. Usually, people choose the long skirts. I do have some long skirts for Ankara styles. However, I’m more comfortable with wearing mid-length skirts. I think choosing mid-length can make it easier to move around and feel comfortable with your wear for different occasions.

What is your favorite Ankara style?

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