March Into The New

I insist on embracing change and creating new experiences for myself. When you choose to do this, you’ll find that your mind begins to take a different picture. You’ll start to notice that your level of understanding has shifted. The way you view the world expands.  It’s less intimidating. It’s become exciting.

Entering the WorkForce

Starting the workforce is certainly a different experience from college. In college, I had the mindset of knowing that my goals were getting good grades or getting internships. At work, you focus on the goals of the organization. You can still have your individual goals. But it’s best to also focus on how to advance the mission of the organization you work for.

Entering the workforce makes me want to be better in order to produce growth, in myself and the company I work for.

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One way that I’m trying to improve my skills is through public speaking. When I was invited to moderate a panel for “International Students Launching their Careers,” I wasn’t sure whether I should take the opportunity. I had moderated panels in college but that felt easier. It was a challenge to be part of a conference but it was worth it.


I recently started using dating sites and I have to admit, I enjoyed the date I was previously on.

The thing about these sites is that we are quick to make excuses. We make excuses such as it’s pathetic, it’s for weird people. Or we say that most people don’t want anything serious etc. However, we have to accept that we are living in a digital age. We interact with a majority of people through social media. It’s not that strange when you’re first getting introduced to someone through that platform. I recommend trying to use sites or find other ways to put yourself out there if you’re interested in dating. It’s easy to keep putting it off but it’s best to take charge of your life. You don’t have to expect much but have fun with the experience of getting to know someone new.

Yoga Class

During the summer, I use to take yoga classes at my gym and I enjoyed it. I wanted more. I wanted to go to a yoga studio. I bought a yoga mat. I felt excited yet I didn’t use it. Well, I finally did Saturday morning. I located a yoga studio in Queens and I woke up, bright and early 9am, took a train, went to the studio and finally put my mat to use.

yoga stuff

We have to make time to implement the things that we enjoy or crave into our lives. As we are doing new things, it might make us feel a little nervous but you have to push past that feeling. We have to continue to go after all the things we want because if we don’t make an effort, chances are, we won’t get into that path we’re seeking.

You can start with this month. Challenge yourself to do something new and see where it takes you. Take note of the positive emotions you feel as you embrace the new because it will motivate you to march on. Please do March On.

What are some new things that you’ve decided you’ll take on in your life?

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