Managing Your Job & Side Hustle Well

In order to live and provide for your essential needs, most people pursue a job. Having a job provides a form of financial security in your life.

It also provides fulfilment of career dreams, ambitions and impacting your society.

In addition, people also pursue a side hustle or passion projects. Your side hustle and passion projects could serve many purposes.

It could be something that adds meaning and happiness to your days. It could be something that gives you a form of additional funds. It could be something that fulfils your ambitions and dreams.

Some people pursue their side hustle and passion projects full-time. Other people work the regular job and also pursue their side hustle.

If you fall in the latter category where you have a 9-5 but still want to go after your side hustle, here is how to manage both.

Have A Plan

You should have a plan for how you would balance your time. Having a 9-5 means that the main job would occupy most of your time.

Therefore, you should know that you might not be able to dedicate your full time to all your passion projects.

However, you should be able to assess how much time you have to pursue your other projects and business.

Create A Schedule

Having a schedule will help you to be focused and organized. Though I work in the communication sector, I still love to create my own content and write articles.

I, therefore, schedule my time effectively so that I create my content and write articles during the weekends.

Then, I post during the weekdays and fully engage with others in the evening. Having a schedule helps me to remain focused to take care of work and also fulfil my creative goals.

Understand Why You Are Pursuing Both

In order to manage both aspects effectively, you need to understand why you are pursuing both.

If you have a side hustle, know the reason why this is important to you. Understand what it provides in your life. Is your side hustle bringing you emotional fulfilment? Is it adding to your funds? Is it helping you live the life you want?

You should ask yourself the same questions about your job too. That will help you understand why you show up for the job.

Consider Your Wellness

The reality is that you can’t do everything in this life. If your regular job is very demanding, you might not have enough time to pursue all your side projects. You just have to accept which extra projects you can take on for now.

You have to know that sometimes you might have to take a step back from your other projects so that you are giving yourself adequate rest and breaks.

Your wellness is an important priority so don’t take on more than you know you can handle.

Consider Your Future Goals

Another big aspect when it comes to pursuing both the job and side hustle is to understand your future goals. Five to ten years from now, what is it that you want to be known for?

Is your job helping you to save enough money to pursue your passion down the line? Or is your side hustle giving you the leverage to achieve the goals that you’ve set for yourself.

Consider your future goals and how the work and projects you do help in the overall big picture.

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