Educate Ogbomoide

Education is a fundamental human right. But what happens when children are robbed of that right? What will their future be like? Visualize a classroom with leaking roofs and no chairs. This is the reality for primary school students at Ogbomoide Primary School.

Ogbomoide is that of a tragedy where by pupils often resort to seating on the floor during classes. The headmaster himself lamented the reduction of intake of pupils as a result of dilapidated infrastructure in the school.

The Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC) has been given provision to build classrooms for the children. However, the present situation proves that such facilities have not yet been provided.

The Ogbomoide Primary School was established in 1934. The primary school is located in Ogbomoide Ekpoma. The is in Esan West Local Government of Edo State.This community is located along Osunbor road iruekpen. It has a population of about 50,000 people including children and women.Since the establishment of the primary school, it has provided education for many notable people in the community including the community leader who was once a pupil there.

Getting a good education is a vital necessity but how can children learn to read and write in such bad conditions? As they sit under leaking roofs on a bare concrete floor, one can only imagine the negative impact it will have on their body and minds. NDDC needs to respond quickly to the educational state of Emergency in that community.

Photography by KC Nwakalor.

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