Let the New Sound Be Louder Than The Past

Life is a process of change. As our lives change, we evolve, but there can be a tension between who we are, who we want to become and who we once were.

When I find myself drifting back to old patterns and ways of being, she rushes in and opens the door to find me hiding. She takes my hand and walks me out of my head. She says Wake Up. Be Open. Be Present.

She is ready to see and accept life. She says I want to love and I will work for it. She says I will move closer to others because it feels real and not because I need the presence of another. She says she seeks lasting friendships. She says she’s not interested in chasing anyone because what’s worth it is not a chase.

She says I’m learning to love myself so I can love others. She says I will shed parts of myself and be vulnerable to those who are deserving. She says that I’m tired of feeling sorry for myself. She says I’m tired of living in my head. She says I’m tired of raising my head so high. She says there is a lot I don’t know. She says I’m imperfect but I am still worth it. She says life didn’t unfold the way we planned but it is still worth it. She says she’s started to make her way. She says it’s taken her some time to get to me because my thoughts didn’t let me hear her. She says it’s time to let us be happy.

When you speak, the new you, the older you, the other voice that wants better, when it speaks, what does it say?

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