4 Things You Need To Let Go Off

I want to discuss learning to let go. I’ve come to understand that not letting go can be detrimental to your life.

Let Negative Thoughts Go

I often find that when things don’t quite work out as I want, it’s hard for me to accept that something’s occurred the way it does. I get disappointed. I harbor negative thoughts. But as negative thoughts come, we have to let it go.

Let Expectations Go

As it should be

Holding on to expectations stops us from appreciating our lives. You get stuck in your desires for the future. It’s not awful to daydream or be hopeful. But don’t set a tent in that world.

My mind tends to dwell on my future. The present is not good enough. That’s a problem. I’ve realized that the moments where I’m “here”, that I’m not holding on to thoughts or expectations of how I want things to be, those are the moments that I’m content. The moments that I learn to live in the now and not fight with what’s happened or what I can’t change, I become at peace. When I don’t, I become disturbed.

Let Go off The Past

There’s the letting go of who you once were. We are constantly changing. As we change to new versions of ourselves that make us happier, we have to let go of the version that we once were. Let go of the negative words that you once associated yourself with. As you change and grow, you have to let go of that past version of yourself. Accept that another layer of you exists. It’s unfolding and will continue to unfold as you grow.

Let Go Off Searching For Happiness

We create our joy. We have to let go of the belief that happiness, that joy is something that we can grasp. I believe that it’s in us. It’s in all of us. It’s in learning to let go and let the joy out.


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