What Being in a Different Country Teaches You

I’ve lived in New York before but coming back on my own for college has been challenging. It’s also been rewarding because it’s taught and it’s still teaching me a lot about myself. If you haven’t moved away from your home or from your country for a significant amount of time, I recommend that you do. The reasons why are below.

It Makes You Independent

Me at the Brooklyn Bridge in New York City, U.S.A.

When I was with my family, I still preferred to do things by myself but being away from my parents has shown me what independence means. When you’re not in your own home, you know that you have to make your own meals. You get from point A to B on your own. Also, there are things such as making sure you have a part-time job/internship to provide you with pocket money. You know that if you want to figure things out, you can’t run to your parents, you make the necessary phone calls. You go where is required.

When you’re living in a different country, you don’t have access to your immediate family. Most college students take a (2-5) hour ride and arrive home. If you find yourself in a commuter college like me, you’ll see that most students simply go home after classes. However, I’ve learned to rely on me and make time for those hobbies I love.

It Makes You Ambitious

I was a Speaker for FindSpark at a conference in New York University for International Students Adjusting to the Workforce.

I believe that with foreigners, there’s that desire to make it, especially if you know your time is limited. There’s the F-1 visa status. You see, I find myself insisting that I need to have a good network and seek opportunities that will help me get into the industry that I want to. This is because I know NY is where I want to remain and work.

Exposure to a Different Culture

Depending on what country you find yourself in, you realize that you’re in a culture where the norm is different from what you assume. You realize that people’s values and beliefs are different from yours and it’s okay. What’s interesting is that you find that being open to a different opinion makes you start to think more deeply and question why you believe the things you do.

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