Isaac Jude on Leading the Nigerian Youth to Great Heights

Leaders bring a group of people together for a common goal and vision. Leaders guide. Leaders instill hope. Leadership is about impact, influence and inspiration.

Issac Jude started leading from the university. He was in his second year at The Federal University Of Technology Minna when the idea to create K-Patriots emerged. K-Patriots is a non-profit organization on a mission to develop and change the mindset of young people across Africa. The organization has hosted several youth empowerment and development seminars across three states in Nigeria.

Out of “K-Patriots,” Jude released another powerful initiative: “Pink Idea Africa” (PIA). Pink Idea Africa seeks to restore the value system of the African woman. The organization has created a large platform for the African girl and woman to showcase her abilities. They’ve hosted (80-100) girls per event to be motivated and inspired by professionals with international reputations. Most recently, they hosted an international event with the ECOWAS Female in Parliament (ECOFEPA) about Boosting Women’s Participation in Politics.

In addition to Jude’s leadership in KPatriots and Pink Idea Africa, he is a motivational speaker and an employee with ECOWAS Staff Mutual Credit Union at the ECOWAS Commission in Abuja.

I interviewed Jude to discuss his leadership and vision to alter the mindset of the Nigerian. To enable us to understand as he says, “that the mind is the greatest production machine any nation can possess and thus everyone has the capacity to build what 6 billion people could feed on.”

You’re an employee with ECOWAS staff mutual credit union, a motivational speaker and the founder of two NGOs. How do you manage your time effectively to meet the demands of the various positions you occupy?

Time is the currency of life. What you do or don’t do has a way of affecting your future. So I take time management seriously. When I was younger, I set foundations ahead because I had an idea of how I wanted my schedule to look like in the nearest future. This future is now the present.

For my schedule, I set a template for official, spiritual and speaking invitations.  I make a clear plan with possible dates of events. For example, I only have weekends for my seminars and speaking invitations. I plan the weekends out and the rest is for official work and online capacity development.

Can you explain the inspiration behind the name: “KPatriots”?

K.PATRIOTS simply means “KINGS PATRIOTS.” It was derived from the inspiration of loyalty to the creator. I believe that if we are loyal to our creator, the world will have fewer problems. We would be learning to help one another grow. The idea is to infuse God’s mind in all systems of life irrespective of one’s profession or career.

I understand that KPatriots is an organization with an ambitious mission to develop and change the mindset of young people. As the founder, how has the process been in building it?

A community development project with children in Niger State.

The mind is everything. It is the window to how we view life in its entirety. At k.patriots, we develop and change people’s mindset by creating a platform that reminds them of the values that make them human.

Most of the attitudes and characters exhibited in our society is as a result of the environment we grew in. The family system, peers and social relationships accumulates in the mind; and it affects how we relate to others.

Could you describe some of the accomplishments your organization has garnered?

K-Patriots training in Minna.

Well for accomplishments, I would prefer to call them impacts. The result of running the groups over the years has been fascinating.

From its inception in 2009, K. Patriots was in virtual operation in terms of administration. In other words, we had no physical address.

Also, I was in my second year of the University when I nursed and produced this vision. Over the years, we have hosted no less than 26 seminars and training across 3 states including the FCT.

Our events cut across schools (primary, secondary and tertiary), rural missions, religious settings, and workplaces. We have had representation at the U.S Embassy for training. We recently co-hosted international events with the ECOWAS Female in Parliament (ECOFEPA). Some of our participants have had opportunities to start up their own businesses and some got sponsorship.

Are there any challenges you face in your leadership role? If so, how do you work to rectify it?

If there are no challenges, then it is not leadership. As for leading within this sphere, I see the challenge of time management. Overcoming this challenge entails extra work. It’s planning early and staying up late. It’s reading more and attending training to stay current with new and trending problem-solving tools.

There is also the challenge of giving personal attention to a large population. We do our best but it is almost impossible to meet every personal need. In such cases, we delegate.

The other challenge is raising funds. Every young entrepreneur starting up has this challenge but I use modeling systems to approach event planning.

In addition to KPatriots, you also created Pink Idea Africa (PIA). You’ve said, “this vision was laid in my heart as a result of growing up in an average African environment and seeing what the girl child/African woman faces in regards to marginalization in the area of education, employment, and her entire self-esteem is injured as a result.” How does your organization work to solve these issues?

Women are the architects of any society. If you develop the woman, you develop the society. In one year from inception, PIA has created a large platform for the African girl to showcase her abilities.

Women are the architects of any society. Develop the woman, you develop the society.

We host no less than 80-100 girls per event to be motivated and inspired by professionals with international reputations. Some girls have accessed sponsorship opportunities. In the future, we hope to partner with international organizations who support such dreams.

ECOFEPA and Members of PINK IDEA Africa

As a man championing girls and women rights, how do you spread the message of your vision in a way that women and men are convinced to join your efforts?

I believe women are humans and humans have equal rights to opportunities in any society. How I convince everyone, both men and women is simple. I live the life that expresses my value system. People who cherish my value system join in promoting the cause and that’s how I drive the vision. PIA is 95% a ladies platform. The remaining 5% are men who believe in the African woman.

It is evident that you have a passion to impact the lives of others positively. Who makes an impact on your life and why?

I have a strong passion for mentorship but a stronger desire of being mentored. The saying goes “everyone who gives was given”.

I have passed through quite a number of mentors. I have mentors in different fields such as Mrs. Kai Oga (founder& president of CORE development initiative), Kunle Komolafe (founder of CREATIVE CONCEPT), Spiritual mentors in the likes of Prophet Uebert Angel, Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa, Apostle Joshua Selman etc.

For those that might be in admiration of your career and pursuits, what skills have helped you to be where you are today?

I have learned over time to build capacity in terms of human resource management, a financial intelligence and technical skills career-wise. I have taken courses in project management, online courses on mind development and online community development and leadership courses. In addition, I have certifications with Young African Leadership Initiative (YALI), and quite a number of other courses.

I have also undertaken practical community development projects in the field of climate change and Girl Child education. I was certified Green Champion and Champion of Girls education by YALI.

I’m sure I have admirers. But believe me, I haven’t really done much. I’ve just begun. I advise youths to take risks, venture into new projects and explore their abilities. Sometimes you never know what you can do until you try.

I advise youths to take risks, venture into new projects and explore their abilities.

By God’s grace, I have been featured and represented youths on different platforms. My anchor despite the abilities and skills has been God and I return glory to him anywhere, anytime.


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