Interview Tips To Get Your First Job Out Of University

I remember when it was time for me to graduate from Queens College, City University of New York. Truth be told, I was just too eager about the workforce. Therefore, I was not really scared. I’ve always felt like a career woman even when I was a student. That was why I felt ready to graduate. I wanted to begin work. I graduated in December 2015 and I started my first job in February 2016. I was working as a Media Relations Coordinator at a global women’s Ngo. The job was truly what I wanted at the time.

So if you’re fresh out of college, university and worried about an upcoming interview, I have some tips for you on how to nail the interview and get the job. It is possible that you can get the job you want right out of college. Now, I can’t promise you it will be everything you hoped it would be…no. But I can help you with tips on how to get that foot in the door.

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Isioma Ononye

I'm a blogger, freelance writer and news enthusiast. I'm passionate about personal development and I'm a book lover. AIso, I care deeply about feminism. My bliss is found in words that move me, nature and chasing my dreams.

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