In Defense of The Angry Woman


You pass me by and speak to the other

I’m the last to receive your attention  

I’m the last to get your handshake

It’s like I don’t matter to you because I’m a woman


Who do you think you are to put your hands on me?

Yes, I’m beautiful but that doesn’t give you the right to invade my space

How dare you assume you can say anything to me?

You don’t think before you speak

You don’t filter those repulsive words that come out of your mouth

It’s like it doesn’t matter to you because I’m a woman


What kind of love is this?

You say we belong but you don’t even know me

You don’t listen     

You’re so concerned with enrapturing me with those sweet words

But the truth eventually escapes and I see right through the facade

I don’t matter to you, I’m another woman for you to conquer


Why must I be forced to play this role of the perfect lady?

You don’t care about my pains

You don’t want me to admit I suffer

You want to see me smile

All I must do is smile            

My smile makes you feel welcome

You rather not hear the truth of how much I hurt?

No, you want to see me smile


Why is it so wrong to admit that I feel?

If it will make God angry, then why did he give me such emotions?

What is so wrong with telling you what I crave?

Oh is it not decent of a lady to admit such things….

Let me be quiet. Let me cover myself up.

Let me pretend I don’t want more.    

Let me ignore the nature of my being

Let me succumb to your standards of a proper woman


Why must you put me in a box?

Who told you I’m only one type of woman?

Who told you my career is all I seek?

Who told you babies are not what I dream about?

Who told you love is all I want?

Who told you my religion is all I am?

Who told you my freedom is all I pursue?

How dare you place me in a corner

How dare you stick a label on me

How dare you define me by your tainted perception of me

What a fool you are because you’re looking at just one side

I am not one type of woman

I am several types of women.

I’m like no other kind of woman.

I’m whoever I damn well please to be

Isioma Ononye

I'm a blogger, freelance writer and news enthusiast. I'm passionate about personal development and I'm a book lover. AIso, I care deeply about feminism. My bliss is found in words that move me, nature and chasing my dreams.

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