How to Trust Things Will be Alright though You’re in Pain

Life can hit us hard. We’re met with failures and disappointments. We’re met with pain and heartbreak. At one moment, we can feel powerful. Then, changes we do not expect come and we’re reduced to weeping on our bed. You start to wonder why? Why is God doing this to you? Why is your life lacking happiness? In our moments of pain, we’re broken, alone and completely lost. But there is always hope. There is always still some form of light to hold on to.

There are a series of several events that happen in my life that prove to me that God is always faithful to me. The most recent is that after Nigeria’s NYSC, I was unemployed for seven months. I then found myself with a job but the environment was not conducive for me. The same day I sent in my resignation letter, I received an offer for another job. Whatever we let go off. Whatever God takes us away from is for our own good. He will replace these things with something better. It matters to trust that things will be alright even in the midst of your pain. In my new Youtube video, I highlight tips on how to trust that life will be alright when you’re suffering inside.

How to Trust that Life Will Be Alright in the Midst of Your Pain

Takeaways on Trusting that Things will be Alright

Believe that whatever you let go off will be replaced by God with something better.

Be mindful off your presence by being open to what a new experience has to teach you.

Remember past experiences when disastrous events turned out alright. Know that turmoil does not always mean ruin.

Have you had an experience that left you feeling drained? What enabled you to keep holding on?

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