How to Stop Being Passive & Start Taking Action

A friend once told me that I always do what I say I want to do which is admirable. Until I was told that, I didn’t realize that it was one of those traits in me. But I’m an action-taker. Whenever there is something my mind and heart is yearning for, I feel a drive and urgency to move.

I sincerely believe that everyone has goals and dreams they would like to see come to fruition. Yet, not everyone takes action to set these things in motion. It can become normal for you to then become passive. But I can imagine that living that way feels stifling and unsatisfying. I say this because going after what lights me up adds joy and meaning to my life. If you want to start taking more action towards the things you want in life, I have some tips for you.

In Order to Make things Happen, First Affirm What You Want

I believe that the first step to being more of an action-taker in life is to first admit, what do you want? In order to get up and move, you should get clear about where it is you’d like to go. That’s why you need to ponder what sort of life you want. Think about what would make you feel content, fulfilled and excited in your life?

For me, I like doing things that align with me. I love to be creative. I love to write. I love to encourage others. I find meaning and purpose when I’m in environments that are uplifting women and girls. Therefore, I want to be able to do more with this. My future aspirations are to publish books, be a business partner in a women’s NGO and become a public speaker. Knowing what I want is what helps me visualize the future I aspire for.

Your goals might not even be career-based. Maybe you want a relationship or more friendship in your life? You have to get clear on what you want.

Uncovering the Life You Want From Shattered Pieces

Come Up With a Plan and Take Steps for Moving Forward

Now that you know what you want, the next step is how do you get there? You have to come up with a plan unless you won’t move. The plan will help you know how to get to your goals. If it’s your career, you might need to invest more in learning and taking classes. You might need a first or second degree. You might need guidance through mentorship.

The Necessity of Mentors

If your goals are for your social life, then, you’ll have to come up with a plan for that too. You’ll have to consider how you approach others. You’ll have to consider how to keep in touch with people. You’ll have to consider what sort of environments will help you form the friendships or find the partner you are seeking. You’ll have to consider how to invest your time to maintaining friendships or a relationship.

The way I take action towards my career goals is #1. I continue to develop and strengthen my writing skills through this blog and freelance writing. As I work on my goal to publish my first book, I seek advice from Editors and Publishers. I send my work out and seek feedback on how to progress. #2: I make contacts with those who are involved in organizations that support women so that I can be involved and learn about the process of being in an NGO. #3: I find platforms, events and conferences that make sense to my growth and learning more for my path. I seek advice and guidance from those whose goals resemble mine.

Tell Other People About Your Goals so They Can Keep You Accountable

It’s good to share your goals and aspirations with people you trust and value. This matters because such people can help you with support and resources. In addition, such people can also make you accountable. They’ll ask about your projects and business so that on the days you are not motivated, if someone brings it up, it can remind you about what you said you plan to do. Telling people you value and trust about your goals is a great way to keep you motivated.

Telling people you value and trust about your goals is a great way to keep you motivated.

Have A Support System that Will Keep You Motivated to Take Action

If you consider yourself to be a passive person, then you have to truly make an effort to surround yourself with people who are driven. Surround yourself with people with similar goals that are taking action. What this will do is help you learn from such people and also, it will inspire you on your path.

You should find groups and organizations to be part off or attend events that will teach you the skill set and give you the encouragement that you might need to put your ideas to action. These groups could be career minded, spiritual or social. As long as it is actually adding value to your life, it will be that ingredient you need to take action.

Focus on Doing and Less on the Outcome

When you’re passive, it can feel like a good thing because it’s safe. Stepping out and taking action can feel risky. You might be uncertain. You might get disappointed. You might fail. But if you focus on all the things that can go wrong, you won’t ever take action.

When I revived my blog as I came back to Nigeria, some of the challenges I face and still work through is getting the desired outcome. I sometimes feel discouraged when I’m not reaching enough people, expanding my exposure. I can feel as though my goals to help other women are not yet coming to fruition. But I don’t focus on this 24/7 because it will stop me from taking action. I continue to blog and do freelance writing because it’s who I am and it strengthens my skill set to become an author. I don’t constantly look at statistics but I focus on producing. If you’re always thinking about what the outcome or results will be, it will hinder you from taking action.

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Those are my tips on how to be less passive and become more of an action-taker. Do you have some tips on how to make moves?

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