How To Make the Most of a Fresh Start

The fall can represent new beginnings. Workers return from their vacation and get geared to return to office duties. Students get ready to take on a new semester. For me, the fall represents the six months I’ve been back in my home country Nigeria. The fall is half of a year into my new beginning in life in Abuja.

Coming back home has so far been an interesting experience. It’s taken me out of my comfort zone as I’ve had to experience the camp orientation for National Youth Service Corps. Coming back home has brought me peace and joy to be surrounded by my family and reunited with childhood friends. Coming back has given me a sense of freedom as I’m no longer burdened by my visa status. Coming back has reinvigorated my creativity to launch a new project to highlight inspirational Nigerians on my blog.

I must also admit that being home has not been easy. Though I’m glad to be with my family, there’s a certain loss of independence I lament. Going about has its restrictions when you’re not on your own. Also, what hasn’t been easy is the sense of pessimism I feel when I read the news. When others question why I’m in Nigeria since I’ve lived in the states. I must also admit that doubts can often pervade me when I think about my purpose and my future in Nigeria.

So having a new beginning will take you through a whirlwind of emotions. But when I find myself in the midst of all these emotions, there are several things I do that bring me to a state of calm.

Get Your Mindset Right

I constantly remind myself that I have to keep my thoughts and perception of my life in check. I remind myself to be open to people and experiences. I ensure that I adopt a sense of curiosity towards my life and environment. This helps me attract positive experiences. It leads me to have a good rapport and energy towards others.

Release Fears and Expectations

We all have fears. One of my fear is not being able to realize my purpose. There’s also a fear of having to settle for things that are less than in work and relationships. I’ve learned to release my fears by focusing on where I am. I focus on the people around me. I focus on the work I’m doing.

Also, I release expectations by not thinking about how things can or should be. I release expectations by holding myself accountable to take action to create what I desire. I release expectations by not depending on others to make me happy.

I release expectations by holding myself accountable to take action to create what I desire.

Don’t Stare at The Past For Too Long

When I think about my past for too long, it can lead me down the road of “what ifs?” Then, I’m not present which means I don’t focus on my environment. So I learn to limit the amount of time I spend thinking about the past. This means that I don’t spend a whole day reading old journals. This means that I don’t spend hours sitting down and thinking about the places I used to live in. This means I reflect for some time and then I move on. I keep my eyes on where I am right now.

What do new beginnings mean to you?

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