The Best Ways To Deal with Stress According To A Psychologist

Do you deal with a lot of stress in your life? I had an event about ways to deal with stress. I invited a Clinical Psychologist, Chinyereugo Udensi from Neem Foundation to provide the details on this.

Stress can take up many forms and affect us in our lives. For myself, when I experience stress, it can manifest in physical symptoms such as backaches and headaches. There are also emotional symptoms such as feeling bothered and sad.

Here are some forms of stress below.

Cumulative Stress

There is cumulative stress which adds up over time. This is as a result of your daily activities, responsibilities and interactions.

Traumatic Stress

There is also traumatic stress which is due to a specific event or situation that has happened in your life. Traumatic stress can be displayed as flashbacks that keep coming back.

How To Deal With Stress

Have a support system

You should have people around you that you can rely and depend on. You should have people that you can confide in because that makes for healthy living.

Be able to Identify Trigger Points

Trigger points means identifying what could be bringing stress into your life. Is it certain people, environments or even social media that triggers stress in you?

Write Things Down

You should form a habit of writing things down. This helps you when you feel overwhelmed.

Being able to jot things down helps you to plan ahead and avoid stress.

Have A Form of Exercise

You should make lifestyle changes such as incorporating workouts. Being able to workout can help you deal with stress because it positively impacts your state of mind.

Take On Self- Care Regularly

Do not under-estimate self-care. This involves little or big things that make you happy. This is striving to make time to care for yourself.

Regardless of expectations others might have on us, we have to take care of ourselves first before we can serve others.

What are other ways that you deal with stress?

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