How To Live Well & Avoid Stress

On Saturday, May 11th, Women Rising Nigeria had its first event on wellness. The invited speaker was Chinyereugo Udensi, a Clinical Psychologist with Neem Foundation. Miss. Udensi spoke on Stress. What stress is, how it manifests in the body and what we can do to reduce and prevent it.

There are several forms of stress. There can be Accumulative Stress which adds up over time. There is also Traumatic Stress which can be displayed as flashbacks that keep coming back.

Stress can manifest in your body through anxiety and depression. Personally, I can attest to that through different stages in my life. From dealing with student visa woes in the states, to later dealing with unemployment after my National Youth Service year. Those experiences took a toll on me and caused me stress. Physically, I would have headaches and backaches. Mentally, I was disturbed and saddened. The way I overcame it was trying to focus on things that brought me joy. Making time for friends, my hobbies, exercising and volunteering.

Miss. Udensi provided tips for dealing with stress. The tips are below.

How To Deal With Stress

Have a support system: You should have people around you that you can rely and depend on. You should have people that you can confide in because that makes for healthy living.

Be able to identify trigger points: Trigger points means identifying what could be bringing stress into your life.

Be able to manage stress: There are different ways to manage stress. Miss Udensi recommends that when one is feeling overwhelmed, it matters to be able to write things down. She said being able to jot things down helps you to plan ahead and avoid becoming overwhelmed.

Have lifestyle challenges and incorporate workouts: Being able to workout can help you deal with stress because it positively impacts your state of mind.

Miss. Udesi also emphasized on self-care. That can be small or big things that make you happy. That is striving to make time to care for yourself.

Self-care is crucial to me. To me, it is simply ensuring that you make yourself a priority. Regardless of expectations others might have on us, we have to take care of ourselves first before we can serve others.

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How do you deal with stress?

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