How To Keep Creating Content During COVID-19

Due to the unfortunate situation of coronavirus, it can affect one’s level of productivity. However, there are ways for you to maintain calm and keep focused. I try to continue to keep up with my writing and content creation goals.

My personal tips include waking up early, setting a schedule, eliminating distractions and reminding yourself of your goals.

Wake Up Early

As everyone stays at home due to COVID-19, the tendency is to slack off. However, staying at home does not mean that your dreams have to suffer. While at home, you could still treat things like a normal workday. That means waking up early as though you were going to work. You wake up early and you set yourself up in a mindset to tackle your goals.

Set A Schedule

Writing things down has always been an important way for me to keep focused and be productive. Having a schedule is what will guide your day. This is especially effective if you’re feeling restless and unmotivated. Put down your tasks for the day. You don’t need to have a long list to pile up in order to feel accomplished. You just need to have at least 3-5 things that you plan to do for the day.

Eliminate Distractions

When at home, there are so many things that can distract you. You can easily be distracted by social media. People are posting on their feed often about COVID updates or how they are social-distancing or it could be entertaining content. All of these are distractions. It could even be relatives that you’re living with who would want more of your time since you’re all around every day.

The way you tackle this is by designating a time for your work. As you do, you turn off social media apps so you are not always bothered by the notifications. In addition, you should create a space for yourself. Space for only you to get the things you want to be done. Also, let others know that you are busy so they can give you the time you need to be productive.

Remind Yourself Of Your Goals

At this time, you can easily lose sight of your goals and passions. You can get so caught up in the news, that you don’t take time to reflect again. It matters that you continue to take time to reflect on your goals and passions. Remind yourself of what fuels you and what you aim to do. Though we are going through peculiar times, you can still adapt to the situation and keep the dream alive.

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