How To Deal If Your Job Makes You Sad

Our workplaces play a big role in our lives. Our 9-5 jobs are not only a source of income but factors into other aspects of our lives. Our jobs can affect our mental health positively or negatively. If your workplace consistently makes you feel drained, stressed and distraught, then that’s an issue. Here are my tips on how to get through it.

Seek Support & Counsel

If the work environment that you’re in is making you sad, you have to address the problem. Don’t deny it and keep trudging along because that sadness that comes from work can seep into other aspects of your life.

You can seek advice from a close friend, family relative, counsellor or the human resource department. When we keep most of our problems to ourselves, it tends to fester. But sharing your issues with others can help you to be able to release and also get advice. The advice you get can help you to know how to move forward with the situation.

Have Something In Your Space To Boost Your Mood

Your workplace can make you sad for a variety of reasons. You could be experiencing workplace bullying from colleagues. You could be feeling undervalued and disrespected by superiors or co-workers. In addition, you might be feeling bored and drained due to the nature of the work.

If the situation above describes you, then having something in your workspace can help boost your mood. Maybe you can make an effort to decorating your space. Have pictures of family, friends and loved ones. That way, when it seems like you’re about to lose it, those images can put things into perspective.

If you’re a nature lover like I am, you can get a small plant on your desk. Or even make your screen saver an image of nature. You can have some art around you if that can help to make you happy. Lastly, one of my favourite things to incorporate is music. Listening to music puts me in the best mood. Tune into your favourite songs when you might feel tempted to yell and run out the door.

You have to figure out what can improve your mood and then incorporate that into your work environment.

Have A Form Of Release Through Exercise

I understand that our workplaces can stir different emotions in us. If you’re unhappy with your work environment, it can also make you agitated, stressed. You might find yourself running to the bathroom to burst in tears. If this is you, then having a form of a healthy outlet helps a lot.

Exercise can help you to release all the pent up emotions. That way, you don’t end up projecting and lashing out on to others. Go to the gym, lift some weights, get on the treadmill. Maybe, take a yoga class or kickboxing. This will help you to blow off some steam, as well as put you in a great mood.

Take Actions To Put Yourself In A Different Environment

Lastly, if your workplace is a constant factor negatively affecting you, then it’s time to take actions for a way out. If none of the tips above truly help to eliminate the detrimental impact your workplace has on your health, then start considering looking for another job. You might need to put yourself in a different environment where you might fit in better with the team and culture of the office. You shouldn’t be in an environment where sadness is the constant emotion you experience. No workplace is perfect but if being at the job always makes you miserable, then it’s time to be active on LinkedIn, get the CV updated and be prepared to exit.

Do you have some tips on what to do if your workplace is a cause of depression? Comment below and let me know your thoughts.

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